John Jay students sitting on the steps on the Jay Walk
You select a major upon application to the College.  Majors may be changed at any time before graduation.  To change your major, you will need to fill out an Undergraduate Declaration of Major Form found on the Jay Stop Website (found under My JJC/Change My Info/Declaration of Major). You will be asked to log in using your John Jay email Username and Password.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers the following majors for baccalaureate degree candidates:

Anthropology (BA)
Applied Mathematics: Data Science and Cryptography (BS)
Cell and Molecular Biology (BS)
Computer Science and Information Security (BS)
Computer Science Dual Admission Programs (CUNY Justice Academy)
Correctional Studies (BS) 
Criminal Justice (BA) (Crime Control and Prevention)
Criminal Justice (BS) (Institutional Theory and Practice)
Criminal Justice (BA/MA)
Criminal Justice (BS/MA)
Criminal Justice Dual Admission Programs (CUNY Justice Academy)
Criminal Justice Management (BS)
Criminal Justice Management (BS/MA)
Criminology (BA)
Culture and Deviance Studies (BA)
Economics (BS)
Emergency Services Administration (BS)
English (BA) 
Fire and Emergency Service (BA)
Fire Science (BS)
Forensic Psychology (BA)
Forensic Psychology (BA/MA)
Forensic Science (BS) 
Forensic Science Dual Admission Programs (CUNY Justice Academy)
Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics (BS)
Fraud Examination and Financial Forensics Dual Admissions Programs (CUNY Justice Academy)
Gender Studies (BA)
Global History (BA)
Human Services and Community Justice (BS)
Humanities and Justice (BA) 
International Criminal Justice (BA)
International Criminal Justice Dual Accelerated Program (BA/MA)
Latin American and Latina/o Studies (BA)
Law and Society (BA)
Legal Studies
Philosophy (BA)
Police Studies (BS)
Police Studies/Criminal Justice (BS/MA)
Political Science (BA)
Public Administration (BS)
Public Administration (Inspection and Oversight) (BS/MPA)
Public Administration (Public Policy and Administration) (BS/MPA)
Security Management (BS)
Sociology (BA)
Spanish (BA)
Toxicology (BS)

You are urged to consult with an Academic Advisor or the major coordinator to plan your course of study.  You may also consult DegreeWorks through the CUNY Portal.

 Prerequisites for beginning each major are listed in the major description.  Be aware that individual courses may have their own prerequisites.  You are advised to read carefully all course descriptions in this bulletin and consult DegreeWorks when planning your schedule in addition to consulting with an advisor.

Please note: ENG 101 is a prerequisite for students wishing to enroll in 200-level courses and ENG 102 or ENG 201 is a prerequisite for students wishing to enroll in 300-level courses or above.

Gateway Courses in CUNY Majors

As part of CUNY's Pathways Initiative, faculty across the university have identified at least three courses that will seamlessly transfer between CUNY colleges and count in several of the most popular majors.  A list of the majors and the courses is available on the CUNY website.  Please read more about CUNY Gateway Courses at: