Master of Science in Security Management

Master of Science in Security Management

Program Director: Professor Charles P. Nemeth

The Master of Security Management provides a focused examination of practices and procedures unique to supervision in the private security industry.  The degree targets those already employed in private security and those who seek the long range opportunities in an industry and occupation that is economically lucrative and professionally rewarding.  The course of study stresses traditional topical coverage in security studies including managment, risk analysis and the role of technology in private sector protection programs.  In addition, the program delivers some innovative conceptual analysis of the private security industry with its stress on homeland defense and security protocols, the phenomenon and undeniable trend of privatization on the public justice model and a strong emphasis on critical infrastructure. 

Program details:

Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses

Required Management Analytic Courses


Thesis Track

Comprehensive Examination

Degree Requirements

The program requires 36 credits of coursework. Full-time students shall follow a two-year sequence while part-time students may complete the course of study in 3 to 4 years.

See Graduate College Bulletin for course description.

Required Core Courses                                                               Subtotal: 12 credits

SEC 701 Introduction to Protection Management Systems

SEC 731 Risk, Threat, and Critical Infrastructure

SEC 732 Privatization: Models and Applications for Private Justice

SEC 733 Legal, Regulatory, and Administrative Issues in Private Sector Justice

Required Management and Analytic Courses                    Subtotal: 12 credits

SEC 715 Analytical Methods in Protection Management

PAD 705 Organization Theory and Management

PAD 744 Capital and Operational Budgeting

PAD 750 Security of Information Technology

Electives  (Choose four of the courses listed below.)      Subtotal: 12 credits

SEC 703 Analysis of Building and Fire Codes

SEC 711 Introduction to Emergency Management

SEC 712 Theory and Design of Fire Protection Systems

SEC 730 Private Security Function and Role in Homeland Defense

SEC 740 Safety and Security in the Built Environment

SEC 753 Theory and Design of Security Systems

SEC 754 Contemporary Issues in Security Management

SEC 762 Business Continuity Planning

SEC 781 Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention

PAD 748 Project Management

Thesis Track

The thesis track is only available to students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher AND with permission of the program director.

Core Requirements                                      12 credits

Management Analytics Courses                12 credits

Elective Courses (Choose 2)                        6 credits

SEC 791 Security Management Thesis      6 credits

Comprehensive Examination

All students in the program must pass a comprehensive examination administered by the program that measures knowledge essential to security management. The exam is offerred every six months. The program director will issue a list of readings and texts at least 90 days before the administration of the exam. Students who fail the exam have two additional opportunities to retake it in accordance with the regular academic calendar.

Total: 36 credits