The Modern Language Center

The Modern Language Center


During the Hybird Learning & Support period, the MLC will
be tutoring students both In-Person & Online using Zoom, Skype, or
Services will be provided based on the MLC's new Hybrid Learning & Support model. 
Emailing the MLC is the best method of
communciatin. Students can also call or stop by the center during our In-person hours of operation. 


For updates on MLC services, such as the
Placement Exams and
 when we are in operation,
please read the updated
document for more information.


If you have any questions about center services, resources,
and support, or need help with Tutor Trac

you can email the MLC at

JJAY campus services are listed below.

Any further updates will be sent via email,
appear on our webpage, and instagram
as we receive more information from

-Thank You, MLC


The Modern Language Center at John Jay College is here to
supplement the language courses offered.
We assist in fostering independent and self-guided study
through the use of language learning, technology, and tutoring. 

Individual and small group tutoring is available by appointment
for all students enrolled in any foreign language course at the College.
Tutoring is not available during summer and winter sessions.

During the Fall and Spring Semesters Only:
Click here to view our tutoring availability.
Our Staff is always happy to help!



General Information on Language Support:


The Modern Language Center is located in the
New Building, room 7.64, and offers tutoring in:
·  Arabic                 ·  Chinese
·  French                ·  German
·  Italian                 ·  Japanese
·  Portuguese        ·  Spanish

Duolingo software is available free of charge for all students
registered to the languages above. Please email if you have any questions.

MLC Services & Resources

When the center is operating in-person, students have access to a variety of
text and reference books for each of the languages offered by the department. 

Computers and Printing are available during our in-person support days and time in the MLC lab.
You can also stop by the center if you need a computer to complete digital assignments
such as homework, check your email, or print school work. 

Language Placement Exam Schedule

The MLC offers placement exams for all of the languages offered at John Jay.
*Please visit our placement exam webpage for current Distance Learning practices.*

The exams are designed to place students in the correct course level
for the language of their choosing. The exams cover reading and
listening comprehensions but all questions are multiple choice.

Students only need to take one exam to register,
and are only allowed to take the exam once per language.
Students can choose to take multiple placement exams,
for the different languages offered at the College. 


Updated Fall 2021