Modern Language Center

Modern Language Center

The Modern Language Center at John Jay College supplements the language course offerings of the college to foster independent and self-guided study through the use of language learning technology and tutoring. 

Individual and small group tutoring is available by appointment for students enrolled in any foreign language course at the College. Tutoring is not available during summer and winter sessions.

Modern language placement exams may be taken at the Modern Language Center on a walk-in basis any time we are open. No appointment is necessary.

For more information or to schedule a tutoring appointment, students should call: 212-484-1140 OR send us an email at


General Information:

  • The Modern Language Center is located in the New Building, room 7.64, and offers tutoring in:
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Italian 
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
  • The Center offers access to computer units with Rosetta Stone software in nine languages.
  • Students have access to Center and textbook audio supplements in addition to a variety of text and reference books for each of the languages offered by the department. 
  • To take a language placement exam, students may come to the Center to take the language placement exam at any time during the semester.


Fall 2018 Tutoring Availability