The MSRC Staff

The MSRC Staff



Margaret Roidi, Manager

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Margaret holds an A.A. in Cinema Studies from Bergen Community College in New Jersey (Class Valedictorian), a B.A. in Communications, summa cum laude, and an M.A. in Media and Professional Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University, also in New Jersey; her Master’s thesis was titled, Sex in Cinema (1880’s-1920’s): Rape, Race, and Censorship. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education, Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University in Minneapolis where her research focuses on enhancing online learning in the community college setting. Her PhD research focuses on online education, which she believes will be a significant advantage to students not able to adapt to the traditional college model, whether they be those with special needs, working parents, or military members serving overseas.

She was working at the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center for the past eleven years where she served as the Manager while also teaching an online course, Success 101, at BCC. As part of her duties she has worked heavily in the fields of assessment, development, and grants, including Title V, STEM, First in the World and Transitional Program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities. She is a member of numerous professional tutoring organizations, has published scholarly work on tutoring, and has given dozens of presentations from Anchorage to Milwaukee on tutoring-related topics such as Tutoring Special Needs Students: It’s The Behavior, Not The Diagnosis and Program Review: A Comprehensive Assessment of Your Tutoring Program. Starting out as a peer tutor to managing a two-time award winning Learning Assistance Center, Ms. Roidi has dedicated her life to education and the tutorial profession. Ms. Roidi is excited to have recently accepted the position of the Math & Science Resource Center Manager at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Manuel Chaparro, Assistant Manager

Manny is currently a graduate student in the Higher Education Administration program at Baruch College and will receive his MSEd at the end of fall 2015. He is also a graduate of John Jay’s forensic science program graduating with his B.S. in 2010. He began at the MSRC as a tutor and enjoyed helping students and being part of a team. He became the full-time coordinator in 2010 which led him to pursue his current degree.  Manny is a huge supporter of students taking the initiative in their educational development and growth. In his free time he enjoys reading about the latest advancements in technology, building and modifying computers, and is an advocate for animal rights.



Briana Gerena, Part-Time Coordinator

Briana is an alum of John Jay, having graduated in 2008 with a BA/MA in Forensic Psychology. She just finished her Master’s Degree in Bioethics at Columbia University. She have been tutoring mathematics and statistics at John Jay off and on since 2004, and she loves it! Right now, you’re probably going “11 years of math tutoring. You must be crazy!” but this job allows her to help students master a subject that they find challenging. She loves being able to support others and pass along what she has learned. Besides tutoring and collecting degrees, she likes to read, watch movies, bake, and snuggle with her cat. she can go on all day about 1980’s/90’s action and sci-fi movies, which usually ends with the other person being handed a list of mandatory films they need to see, so it’s best not to get her started.



Hi, I'm Alorah! I'm from Port Jervis, NY and am currently a senior in the Cell and Molecular Biology program here at John Jay. I became a tutor because I want to help people understand science so that maybe they can appreciate how beautiful and fun it is. After I graduate, I would like to addend graduate school for marine sciences and conservation biology. Aside from being a student and tutor, I am also a stand-up comedian, but only for the people I know will laugh at my jokes, and a hard core NJ Devils and Albany Devils fan. Some of my many talents include: being awesome, making ice cream cakes, and comedic poem writing. I love my job and look forward to meeting and tutoring new people. Peace, love, and science! Tutors: BIO 315; CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 220; MAT 105; SCI 110, 163



Hello, my name is Amanda and I have recently received my bachelors in Criminal Justice’16. During my free time I enjoy reading books, going out with my friends, or just simply staying home relaxing with my family. I was a receptionist for three years here at the MSRC and can say that working here is always a welcoming experience, so I applied to become a tutor. It is always a pleasure to be able to help the students in their search for an understanding in math and science. I tutor: MAT 105; STA 250; SCI 110 





Howdy! My name is Andy, and I’m currently a Junior here at CUNY!  I am majoring in computer Science and Minoring in Mathematics! My hobbies normally consist of School, reading, exercising, and always seeking knowledge.  My favorite subject has to be Math though, it always presents itself as a challenge and invokes logical thinking. I’m proud to serve as part of the staff of the MSRC.  I love helping people and while I tutor I also sharpen my own skills in various branches of Mathematics more and more. It gives me the opportunity to practice along with the students.  So far it has been a pleasurable experience!!! Tutors: MAT 105, 141, 204, 241, 242




Greetings, my name is Anthony! I'm currently a senior at Lehman College. My major is Mathematics. Not only am I looking forward to graduate after the completion of this semester, but also enrolling in the M.A. program at Lehman College. Previously, I was a student at John Jay. During my freshman year, I took MAT 108 as a general requirement, in which I helped my classmates succeed. As a result, my interest for math increased tremendously. Thus, I transferred to Lehman College to pursue my career. Moreover, I want to help others succeed. I tutor: MAT 105, 108, 141, 241, 243





Hi, I'm Caitlin! Originally from San Francisco, I moved to New York two years ago to attend John Jay and pursue the Forensic Science degree (also minoring in Psychology). Though I sometimes question this decision during stifling humidity or snowy blizzards, I do not regret becoming a member of John Jay and experiencing everything that this city has to offer. I decided to become a tutor because I feel that I am a shining example of how tutoring can make a difference. Growing up, I always identified myself as more of an English and language type of gal. The first test that I ever failed was a chemistry test in 7th grade! However, when I realized that my passion for Forensic Science was going to require me to get close and personal with math and science, I immersed myself in the topics, spent hours in Starbucks, and became a frequent flyer at the Math and Science Resource Center. Though you may not believe that you are a "math and science" person, if you put in the time and effort, you can master them without a doubt--and we are all here to help! When I'm not tutoring, you can find me exploring NYC with my friends, eating foods that are bad for me, or binge watching Discovery ID. Feel free to join! Tutors: CE 201, 202, 315; PHY 101, 203



Hey! My name is Dieinabou and I'm from West Africa, Mali. I’m an alumni of CUNY York College, with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I want to pursue a career teaching others because it’s something I'm good at and enjoy doing. During my free time I love to dance with my friends and siblings. While in York I was the former dance choreographer for the African Student Association and was once the Vice President of the club. Tutors: MAT 105, 141, 243





Hello scholars, my name is Earik Middleton, and I am a Senior at John Jay. My major is CJBS with a minor Mathematics. In addition to being a tutor at MSRC, I also work part time as a Math Facilitator and Supplemental Instructor for the SEEK Department. Overall I am a silly, fun-loving guy who loves to tell jokes, and occasionally over dramatic. However, I am extremely passionate about my education, and take my education seriously...well most of the time. If you see me on campus or off, don't ever be afraid to say “hi” or “what’s up?” because I would always greet you. I don't expect everyone to love math, but best believe will I help you understand the procedures, concepts, and cool methods for you - my awesome peers- to understand and succeed at mathematics. I can't wait to meet you!  Tutors: MAT 105, 106, 108, 141, 241, 242; 243



Hello, my name is Enil J. I was born in Dominican Republic and been living in New York for 12 years. I discovered my passion for science while taking general chemistry as a science requirement. Organic Chemistry is my favorite subject because of the puzzle-like aspect it contains. As of now, my major is Forensic Science: Toxicology with a minor in Biology.  My main goal as a tutor is to be able to help students realize their hidden potential to comprehend what may seem to be difficult topics. I truly believe that with effort and dedication science can be very fun to learn. Aside from school and tutoring, my hobbies include cooking, working out, solving puzzles or watching TV shows. I hope to be of great help! Tutors: CHE 201, 202; MAT 105, 141; PHY 101, 102, 203




Greetings fellow earthlings!  My name is Erica Klafehn and I graduated from John Jay in the Spring of 2016 with my B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology and double minors in Psychology and Anthropology.  I’m from Rochester, NY and have enjoyed living in the Big Apple for the past four years.  I’m currently applying for Master’s and Ph.D programs in Forensic Anthropology and Biological Anthropology. When I’m not at the MSRC, you can find me in the Corthals Lab, adjuncting for BIO 255, lab teching, or academically advising students in the PRISM Junior Scholars Program.  Best of luck- Live Long and Prosper! Fun fact: I play seven instruments and make incredibly convincing animal noises. Tutors: MAT 105, 241; BIO 104; SCI 110




My name is Fatoumata. I'm a statistics and natural science tutor. I'm a John Jay alumni with a degree in Economics specialization in Forensic Financial Analysis and I'm currently a pursuing a Master's in Accounting at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. I hope to one day become a Forensic Accountant and be able to help fraud victims. I'm a tutor because I like to help people. I like the idea of being a person that students come to, to help clarify concepts and break it down in understandable terms.  In my free time, I like to bake and hang out with my friends and siblings. Tutors: CHE 100; SCI 110; STA 250





Hi. My name is Hyun-joo.  I am an MA candidate in Forensic Psychology specializing in police interrogation and confession evidence. I have been tutored at the Math and Science Resource Center since Spring 2013, so I am kind of a veteran tutor here. As long as you come to me with motivation to learn the material, I am willing to go to the extra mile with you to get a high grade in Math and/ or Statistics class! Tutors: MAT 105, 108; STA 250





Hi I'm Iffah








Hi I'm Jessica








Hi, I am Krupa Jani, I am basically from India and have been in New York just for a month now. I am doing my masters in Forensic Science from John Jay College with Molecular Biology Track. I am a very outdoors person and love going around the city. I also love meeting new people and making new friends. Other than that, I am passionate about understanding new concepts of science. I believe in hard work and that there is no other alternative to it, which in future will make you achieve your goals. So, I have joined MSRC to help other students understand the concepts of science which they find difficult. Once you understand it, I am sure you will find it really interesting, and would love to dig the subject further. I hope to see you in further in the tutoring sessions. I tutor: BIO 101,102,103, 104, 205; CHE 100, 101,102, 103, 104, 220, 302, 315; SCI 110,163; STA250



Hello my fellow earthlings. My name is Lisset. I am currently a sophomore at Macaulay Honors College at John Jay College and am pursuing a B.S in Forensic Science with a concentration in Molecular Biology. In the future I plan to seek a PhD in biomedical sciences and continue to gain knowledge. I am currently conducting research at John Jay and have spent a summer in Morocco as a research intern. I like tutoring because I love the feeling of seeing someone understand something that they had previously had been struggling with. I hope to see you guys soon and watch your knowledge grow of math and science. Tutors: BIO 101, 102, 103, 104, 205; CHE 100, 101, 102, 103; MAT 105; SCI 110, 163




Hello! My name is Margaret and I'm currently in my third year as a Forensic Science Major at John Jay. Before entering the program my background was in art and illustration, so studying biology and chemistry was quite a change of pace! Even though I'm fully immersed in math and science now, I still love to draw and craft things with my hands. I understand what it feels like to tackle subject matter that seems like it's written in a foreign language, and being a tutor is a way for me to help other students work towards understanding tough concepts in a way that makes sense to them. When I'm not working on projects for school, I like to draw, read, spend time with my friends, and make trips to the many great museums in the city. Tutors: CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104; 315, 320 MAT 105; NSC 107; PHY 101, 203; SCI 110, 163



Hi, I’m Melba, originally from Jersey! I came to John Jay from Hoboken High School and no, I don’t know the Cake Boss but I do know my math and science. I am a Forensic Science major in the Criminalistics track. I chose to work in the Math and Science Center because I liked the family vibe of the center. Everyone just seemed so awesome and I wanted to be a part of it. I hope in the future to put my degree to use and work in a lab. When I am not bombarded with school or work, you can find me in my bat cave reading my comics or watching the Walking Dead. Tutors: MAT 105, 108, 141





Hi I'm Michael








Hello, my name is Owen. I am currently a third year student at John Jay majoring in Forensic Science with a focus in Toxicology, and potentially Molecular Biology. I am also a PRISM student and very passionate about research. I joined the MSRC tutoring staff knowing that I would be able to help others achieve their academic goals. When I have time, I enjoy watching movies, hanging out with friends, or trying to find the best burger to eat here in the city. There’s also nothing better than relaxing to some music. College is stressful, we’re all there. But let’s try to have some fun through it. Tutors: CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 201, 202; MAT 241, 242; PHY 101, 102, 203, 204; SCI 110, 163




Hello. My name is Pia and I graduated from John Jay with an M.S. in Forensic Science.  I also teach general chemistry here at John Jay.  I joined the MSRC as a tutor to better understand the perspective of a student.  By being more aware of common mistakes and misconceptions, I can become a more effective teacher.  When I find some spare time, I enjoy reading books, taking a yoga class, and having long conversations with interesting people. Tutors: BIO 101, 102, 103, 104; CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104; MAT 105, 141; SCI 110, 163





Hello all! I am Rabia J, a student here at John Jay, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology. My love for Biology first began when I was in Iran, dissecting Rana tigrina (BULLFROG!!) for my ninth grade lab practicals. Visualizing the internal morphology of the amphibian species and studying the complex functioning of its digestive and circulatory system was quite fascinating for me. My interest in Biology spurs from the various dissection experiences I had over the past years! I have a passion for learning and I believe that my foremost responsibility as a human is to educate myself and to forward the knowledge to others. Considering this responsibility, I started tutoring at the MSRC and it has been a totally rewarding experience for me. In the future, I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in Neuroscience. Tutors: BIO 101, 102, 103, 104; CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104; MAT 105, 241; SCI 110, 163



Hey, my name is Rabia O., or the "other Rabia". I reside in Flushing, Queens but John Jay is really my home away from home. I am really honored to be a part of the MSRC, it's a safe place for people who struggle with Math and Science to learn and grow. I love when students come to a session saying how much they hate math, this notion almost always changes by the end of the session. I know that if you asked me two years ago that I would be writing a bio as a tutor for the Math and Science Resource Center, I would have had a good laugh. I really look forward to showing students a better way of approaching subjects like math and science with a more positive attitude! FUN FACT: I am also archery certified. I tutor: CHE 100, 101, 102, 103; MAT 105, 141, 204, 241, 242; SCI 110, 163



My name is Rosibel Ventura and I am a Senior here at John Jay. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic but moved to Rockland County with my parents until I decided to come to the city for my college years. I am a CUNY BA student studying a combined double major in Human Rights and Law and Television Production and Reporting. I would love to use my Law degree to help bring justice to the people that deserve it. I also would like to use my production and reporting skills to help people around the world understand their human rights. I love tutoring because I love helping people and tutoring is a way I can help students understand their material. I also work at the Academic Advisement Center as a peer adviser.  If I’m not in school you would probably find me with my family or friends. My family is really close and we like doing a lot of things together. I also love writing stories and reading books. I can’t really count how many books I have read during my lifetime. If I am not doing any of those things I’m probably listening to music. I am really open to different types of genres but my favorite artist is Ed Sheeran. Fun Facts: I love theater and entertainment. Being in a movie or TV show is one of my biggest dreams. Tutors: MAT 105, 108



Hi, my name is Shume!  I am a new tutor at the MSRC!  I am a Hunter College graduate with a BA in Psychology. I have experience in tutoring Chemistry, Physics, research paper techniques, Psychology and Statistics. I thoroughly enjoy helping students discover their full potential as they use all of their efforts to improve themselves; it is truly inspiring.Tutors: CHE 100, 101, 102, 103; PHY 101, 102; SCI 110, 163; STA 250





Hi I'm Sofia








Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I am currently a junior at John Jay pursuing a major in Forensic Science with a minor in biology. As a tutor, I look forward to working with fellow science and math students in achieving their academic goal. Also, I hope to open your eyes to how amazing the world of science and math truly are. You can find me almost every day in the lovely environment of the MSRC either tutoring or studying myself.  Outside of school and my head in a text book, I enjoy listening to different genres of music, watching horror movies, exploring in the city, and catching up with my friends. Education is very important so don’t be afraid to come in to use the provided resources and set up tutoring appointments with either me or the other amazing tutors here. Remember, hard work will surely pay off! Tutors: CHE 201, 202, 220; MAT 301; PHY 101, 203



Hi I'm Syeda







Hello, my name is Yanick!







Hi, I'm Zenab. I am a senior in the Forensic Science major - Toxicology concentration, along with minors in Biology and Mathematics. Although most of my time is occupied with school related activities, I also enjoy praying, reading, cooking, movies, listening to music, and playing video games with my siblings. Being a tutor at the MSRC is important to me because I like simplifying difficult ideas and reinforcing key concepts for students. As a student myself, I understand how difficult or stressful some concepts in these various courses can be and I empathize with students in the classes. The MSRC has a family like vibe because everyone is so friendly. Tutors: CHE 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 201, 202, 220, 302, 315; 320 MAT 241, 242, 301; PHY 101, 102, 203, 204





































Dippy the Dippy Bird: Center mascot and all-around fun guy

Socrates: Honorary tutor trainer, gave us the Socratic Method.

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