At Homecoming, John Jay Celebrates the End of a Historic Year

At Homecoming, John Jay Celebrates the End of a Historic Year

At Homecoming, John Jay Celebrates the End of a Historic Year

On November 28, John Jay’s Homecoming drew hundreds of John Jay students, alumni, faculty, staff, and fans to celebrate the end of an incredibly successful year for the Bloodhounds.

Homecoming has quickly become known on campus as one of the most fun athletic events of the year and excited fans gathered for pre-game festivities in the auxiliary gym before the first event of the evening, the women’s basketball game.

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John Jay Bloodhound taking a selfie with students at John Jay HomecomingStudent holding up t-shirt

Student athletes from the cheerleading team and rifle team were announced and honored for their 2017 successes. In March, the coed rifle team won its 12th and 13th Mid Atlantic Conference (MAC) championships in air rifle and small-bore, making it the team with the most titles in Bloodhound history. This spring, the cheerleading team also made history by winning the 2017 CUNYAC Cheerleading Champions, their first ever CUNYAC Cheer Championship. 

Cheerleaders at the John Jay Homecoming

The women’s basketball game started with a ceremonial tip-off by President Karol Mason.

Watch the livestreamed video of the women’s basketball game here.

Ceremonial tip-off by President Karol Mason

During halftime, the Homecoming Royals were announced, followed by an exuberant cheerleading performance. “Being a part of the cheerleading team makes me feel like I have a home within John Jay,” said Isis Samuels, junior-captain of the cheerleading team who was named CUNYAC Performer of the Year. “At Homecoming, we’re able to showcase our skills in front of everyone.” 

John Jay Bloodhound posing with studentsJohn Jay Cheerleading team

After the women’s game, the men’s game would soon begin. But first, graduating student athletes were honored at center court. 

Students at John Jay Homecoming

More student teams were recognized for their successes this fall, including the men’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and women’s tennis teams. John Jay’s women's tennis team won their first CUNYAC championship, marking another landmark success in the College’s history. The men’s soccer team and the women’s volleyball team both made appearances in the CUNYAC Championship tournaments this year. On court, students proudly pointed to the banners that were unfurled to celebrate these victories. 

Students on basketball court

Finally, the men’s basketball game started with hundreds of eager fans cheering them on.

Watch the livestreamed video of the men’s basketball game here. 

John Jay Basketball team

During halftime, Student Affairs Vice President Lynette Cook- Francis drew the name of one lucky student who shot from mid-court for the chance to win $10,000. 

Student Affairs Vice President Lynette Cook- Francis drew the name of one lucky student

From the fifth floor sky box, alumni gathered to cheer on the Bloodhounds and celebrate the success of their alma mater’s teams.

Alumni on the fifth floor skyboxAlumni on the fifth floor skybox

This year was particularly busy for the Athletics Department because of the number of landmark victories made by Bloodhound teams. Brandon Fieland, Assistant Athletics Director for Media Relations, said that the turnout was higher than it has been in several years. “The whole community gets involved for Homecoming,” he said. “I enjoy seeing the entire John Jay community coming together and showing their school spirit."

Fans cheering from the standFans cheering

In an interview with play-by-play announcer Jonathan Perez, President Karol Mason showed her enthusiasm for Bloodhounds. “It’s my first Homecoming and this is amazing,” said Mason. “I love the students and the spirit of our students. I’m a Bloodhound now.”

President Mason petting the bloodhound

Photos by: Leo Correa