Members of the John Jay College Community
President Jeremy Travis
September 24, 2009
Update on Progress of Bedbug Treatment

I am writing to provide an update on the College’s responses to the discovery of bedbugs in North Hall.  As you know, we closed North Hall this morning, while keeping open all other buildings of the John Jay campus.  I have spoken with many members of our community over the past few hours and wish to express my appreciation to the faculty, students and staff for your understanding and your flexibility as we have responded to these developments. 

Here are some critical updates:

  1. The treatment of North Hall to address the bed bug condition will begin this evening at 6:00.  After that time, no one will be permitted to enter the building, until the treatment is complete.  College personnel are advised that they may remove any personal valuables by 6:00 p.m.  For the most effective treatment, we request that you unlock all drawers and cabinets and remove all food.  We expect the treatment to be completed by the weekend and North Hall to be reopened for business on Monday, September 28, with classes resuming on Tuesday, September 29. 
  2. The pest control company under contract by the College, Assured Environmental, is a certified firm with extensive experience. Please be assured that the treatment is environmentally safe and the chemical agents used are approved by the EPA.
  3. We will immediately begin inspections of other John Jay facilities to determine whether the bedbug condition is present elsewhere on our campus.  We will treat any additional area(s) as required.
  4. We have temporarily relocated critical student development services to Room 630 in Haaren Hall.  These services include: (1) Accessibility Services; (2) Counseling Department; (3) Health; (4) Student Development; and (5) Women’s Center.
  5. We have temporarily relocated critical enrollment services to Room 531 in Haaren Hall.  These services include: (1) Financial Aid; (2) Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions; (3) One-Stop; and (4) Registrar. 
  6. We have temporarily relocated the affected academic departments to room 636 in Haaren Hall.  These departments are:  (1) African American Studies; (2) History; (3) Latin American and Latina/o Studies; (4) Mathematics; (5) Political Science; (6) Protection Management; (7) Psychology; (8) Public Management, (9) Science and (10) SEEK.
  7. After consultation with faculty leadership, we will soon announce the make-up schedule for missed classes.   

I encourage members of our community who have questions or simply want to understand this situation better to attend the Community Forum at 2:00 today in the theater.  We will be handing out reading material on bedbugs and presenting the results of the inspections that were conducted over the past two days.

Please rest assured that we are taking every precaution to ensure the health and well-being of members of our College community.  I thank everyone, again, for your outstanding cooperation and support.

Jeremy Travis

Bed Bug Treatment Floor Plans

Memo: Memo to the John Jay College Community from President Jeremy Travis
(Dated September 24, 2009)

Bed Bug Condition on 1st. Floor of North Hall
(Dated September 23, 2009)

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