The CEEDS Program (Cadet Education, Empowerment & Development for Success)—a collaboration between John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the NYC Department of Correction—is a one- to two-year program for juniors and seniors that recruits students interested in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or Correction Studies and prepares them for future leadership opportunities at the NYC Department of Correction.

CEEDS students at John Jay College get an early start on a clearly defined career path with academic and financial support, and become the next generation of captains, wardens and chiefs of the largest correctional system in the United States.

CEEDS Program

  • Cadet: Open to juniors and seniors interested in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or Correction Studies
  • Education: Exclusive academic curriculum, taught by renowned experts in the fields of corrections and law enforcement, and earn up to a $5,000 stipend per semester towards tuition expenses
  • Empowerment: Long-term career track that helps you plan for your future today
  • Development: Customized learning opportunities through on-the-job rotations with senior leaders in the agency, plus formal mentoring assignments
  • Success: A path to leadership with one of the nation's largest correctional systems

CEEDS is no longer accepting applications at this time. If you are interested in applying for Fall 2018, please provide your information here.

Support from JJay faculty, staff, and mentors from NYCDOC
Stipend and paid rotations
Experential learning and internship opportunity
Fast track to full-time employment after graduation