NYCDOC CEEDS Eligibility | John Jay College of Criminal Justice
NYCDOC CEEDS Eligibility

NYCDOC CEEDS Eligibility

NYCDOC CEEDS Eligibility

CEEDS Eligibility

Interested in this amazing career development opportunity? Check to see if you meet these eligibility requirements:

  • By the Fall 17 semester, be a junior or senior enrolled as a full-time student at John Jay College.
  • Interested in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or Correction Studies.
  • Be a US Citizen (or permanent resident who will become a citizen by the time they are called to become a Correction Officer).
  • Live in the five boroughs or in any of the following counties: Orange, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Putnam.
  • Able to participate in cohort meetings, academic coursework, internships and paid rotation assignments for the duration of the program.
  • Able to pass a background investigation:
    • "You may be disqualified for any activities that indicate lack of good character, including but not limited to:"
    • conviction of a felony;
    • conviction of any offense, the nature of which indicates lack of good moral character or
    • disposition towards violence or disorder;
    • repeated convictions of an offense, where such convictions indicate a disrespect for the law;
    • discharge from employment, where such discharge indicates poor behavior or inability to adjust to discipline;
    • dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces;
    • conviction for petit larceny and
    • conviction for domestic violence.