NYCDOC CEEDS Program Structure

NYCDOC CEEDS Program Structure

NYCDOC CEEDS Program Structure

CEEDS Structure

CEEDS: Pathway to Full time New York City Department of Correction Employment

Stage 1: CEEDS Application

Step 1: Submit requested materials
Step 2: Student materials will be reviewed by John Jay College staff to verify minimum standards are met to ensure that students are in good academic standing and progressing toward successfully completing degree requirements on time
Step 3: Students who meet the standards will be given an interview
Step 4: Students who successfully complete the interview will be conditionally accepted into CEEDS

Stage 2: DOC Application

Step 1: Conditionally accepted CEEDS students will participate in a tour of one of the correctional facilities located on Rikers Island
Step 2: Students will decide if they would like to submit a NYCDOC background application
Step 3: Students must participate and successfully complete the following testing/process by the Application Investigation Unit (AIU) to finalize their status as CEEDS participants:
Medical Exam
Psychological Exam
Agility Exam
Background Investigation

Stage 3: Completion of CEEDS

Step 1: Fully participate in all cohort meetings and experiential activities
Step 2: Enroll and pass all academic course work required for your degree program and CEEDS (Terms and courses to be added once finalized)
Step 3: Make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree
Step 4: Perform satisfactorily during assigned work rotations
Step 5: Students in their final academic year, apply and pass the Civil Service Exam for Correction Officer
Step 6: Students must recertify through AIU process, which includes the medical exam, psychological exam, agility exam, and background investigation
Step 7: Receive invitation to participate in the next available correction officer recruiting class