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On The Edge:
Transgression and The Dangerous Other

An Interdisciplinary Conference

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 899 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY
Graduate Center (CUNY) at 365 5th Ave, New York, NY

August 9 and 10, 2007

On August 9 & 10, 2007 at the City University of New York we will hold a celebratory conference of intellectual and artistic transgression. The conference will involve presentations, art and photographic exhibits, music, spoken word performances and film screenings centered around the concept of a new criminology for the 21st century. The conference’s orientation is summarized in the following quote taken from our manifesto:

“Criminology at the moment is dominated by positivism and by rational choice theory. With the first lens all one can see is determinism and misery, with the second only pallid choice and the mundane.  What is needed is  a criminology which can grasp the phenomenology of everyday life, its experience of joy, humiliation, anger and desperation, the seductions of transgression and the appeal of the vindictive, the myriad forms of resistance and the repressive nature of acquiescence.  What is needed, in short, is a criminology of energy and tension rather than one of listlessness and inertia.”

This conference is to be truly interdisciplinary. We aim to bring together national and international students and scholars from a wide range of academic fields and other than criminology and sociology, including performance studies, anthropology, art, drama, education and ethnomusicology as well as non-academic based performers and artists whose cutting-edge work speaks to the dynamism and diversity of the conference’s central themes.

Organizing Committee: Carla Barrett (John Jay, Sociology), Luis Barrios (John Jay, Puerto Rican and Latin American Studies), David Brotherton (John Jay, Sociology), Jeff Ferrell ( Texas Christian University & Visiting Professor, University of Kent, UK ), Michael Flynn (Center on Terrorism, John Jay), Roberto Visani (John Jay, Art, Music and Philosophy), Jock Young ( John Jay College & University of Kent, UK )

Conference Sponsors: John Jay College , Sociology; John Jay College , Anthropology; Center on Terrorism; John Jay College , Puerto Rican and Latin American Studies; CUNY Graduate Center , Sociology; Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal

For more information please contact Carla Barrett or David Brotherton at (ontheedge2007@gmail.com)

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for more information, email us at:
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