OSRC Board

OSRC Board

OSRC Board Members

Faculty members:

Marcia Esparza, Criminal Justice
Demis Glasford, Psychology
Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Africana Studies/McNair

Helen Kapstein, English
Nathan Lents, Science
Raymond Patton, Honors
Maria Rossi, Modern Languages & Literatures
Erin Thompson, Art & Music

Student members:

Tirza Ben-Ari, Forensic Psychology (MSRG graduate student)

Administrative members:

Gina Foster, Teaching & Learning Center
Linda Mules, Office of Research Compliance and Integrity
Edgardo Sanabria-Valentin, Program for Research Initiative in Science & Math

Daniel Stageman, Office for the Advancement of Research

OSRC staff members:

Anthony Carpi, Office for Student Research & Creativity
Bettina Muenster, Office for Student Research & Creativity
Juan Pineros, Political Science and Public Administration (BA)