OSRC Research Scholarship Programs

OSRC Research Scholarship Programs

The 2019/2020 application cycle is now closed.
The 2020/2021 application cycle will open November 11, 2019.


Congrats 2018/19 Scholarship Recipients!!


Being a part of the inaugural OSRC scholarship cohort is truly an honor and I hope to make my mentors and future OSRC cohorts proud someday. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity and look forward to hearing about the incredible careers my fellow cohorts have ahead of them. - Auset


This experience has helped me realize that I am capable of doing research about the issues I feel passionate about. Through the duration of the cohort I was able to focus and motivate myself to read theory, write analysis, outline ideas, and ultimately present my ideas. Now that I have accumulated all of this work I plan to publish both the short stories and the literary research. - Byron


Working with a cohort has helped me understand the process of research. After each meeting, I was able to connect with people who are involved in their own studies. I found it intriguing to meet people of different academic disciplines and learn how their process of research ranged from literary analysis to doing experiments. - Diane


After this experience, I am more confident in my choice to pursue a career in academia. I will be starting a PhD in Psychology and Law from the CUNY Graduate Center this Fall, and my experiences in this program made me a better candidate for admission and a more self-assured and prepared student. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to recommending it to my friends and future students. Thank you! - Ella

Thank you for the opportunity to grow as a researcher. It has been incredible experience and support from the cohort and your office. I am now going to continue my academic journey in a doctoral program at Florida International University. I hope the program can support more students in the future. -Hana




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Please contact osrc@jjay.cuny.edu with any questions.