Other Grades

Other Grades

Grade of AUD (Senior Citizen’s Audit)
The grade of AUD is assigned when a senior citizen registers for a course.  Enrolling in a course on an audit basis gives the student the right to attend and participate in all aspects of the course without receiving credit for the course.  The course will not count toward any degree or certificate program offered by The City University of New York.

Grade of INC (Incomplete)

The grade of INC (Incomplete) is given by an instructor only when there is reasonable expectation that a student will successfully complete course requirements.  If this grade is unresolved by the end of the following semester, it will automatically convert to the grade of F.

Degree candidates should be aware that an INC grade received during their last semester in courses required for graduation will result in the postponement of graduation.

Resolving the grade of INC through make-up examinations 

The procedure outlined here is initiated when a student has received the grade of INC because of absence from a final examination.

All make-up final examinations given after the completion of the semester are processed and administered by the Office of the Registrar.  The scheduled date for make-up examinations is published in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar on the College’s home page (johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files).  Students must submit applications at least two weeks prior to the examination date.  Applications require the written authorization of the course instructor together with the required fee.  Students are required to present their College I.D.’s for admission to make-up examinations.

Grade of W (Withdrawal)

The grade of W indicates withdrawal without penalty.  It is assigned by the Office of the Registrar upon approval of an Application for Resignation filed by the deadline as indicated in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar (usually in the tenth week of classes).  A grade of W is not computed in the grade point average.  W grades may affect student eligibility for financial aid.

Grade of WA (Administrative Withdrawal)

The grade of WA is assigned by the Office of the Registrar when a student fails to comply with the Proof of Immunization Policy of the College.  The grade of WA is not computed in the grade point average.  WA grades may affect student eligibility for financial aid.

Grade of WU (Withdrew Unofficially)

The grade of WU is assigned by the instructor when a student has never attended class or has ceased attending class before the tenth week of the semester and has not submitted an Application for Resignation to the Office of the Registrar.  The grade is computed as a failure (0.0) in the grade point average, which may result in the adjustment of financial aid funds.  Students who want to withdraw from a class are therefore advised to submit an official Application for Resignation in the Office of the Registrar (Room 4113 North Hall) prior to the tenth week of classes.

Grade of PEN (Pending)

The PEN grade is recorded when a faculty member suspects or determines that an academic integrity violation has taken place that warrants formal intervention.  The faculty member submits a Faculty Report of Alleged Violation of Academic Integrity Policies to the Academic Integrity Officer of the College, who notifies the Registrar so that the Registrar can record a PEN grade to prevent withdrawal from the course by the student in question.  A PEN grade is removed or changed when the applicable consultation, appeal, and/or adjudication processes are complete.  In the event that the alleged violation is withdrawn in the student’s favor, the student will have the right to withdraw from the course based on the date that the violation form was filed.  For further details on the PEN grade, see the John Jay College Policy on Academic Integrity in the Appendix of the Undergraduate bulletin. 

Grade of R (Repeat)

This grade is assigned to students who have attended class regularly and completed course requirements but have not demonstrated sufficient progress to justify a passing grade.  The grade is awarded only for remedial or developmental courses.  This grade is not computed in the grade point average.  Students who receive the grade of R must repeat the course in the very next semester of attendance.

Pass/Fail Option

Upon completion of 60 credits, students with a grade point average of 2.0 and higher may take one course a semester under a Pass/Fail Option, for a total of four such courses.  The Pass/Fail Option may be applied to all courses except courses satisfying the College’s general education requirements and courses in the student’s major.  Application for the Pass/Fail Option must be made at the Office of the Registrar before the conclusion of the second week of classes; in summer session, at the end of the first week of classes; and in winter session before the third class.  Once granted, this option is irrevocable.  Grades of P received for a Pass/Fail Option are not computed in the grade point average.  Grades of F are computed as a zero in student grade point averages.

Grades for Remedial and Developmental Courses

The only grades authorized for the courses listed below are P, R, F, W, WU, and INC.
However, at the discretion of certain academic departments, the grade of A may be given in place of the grade of P.

English-W 100/SEEK English 093 and 094
Mathematics 100/SEEK Mathematics 095
Mathematics 103
Communication Skills 101/SEEK Communication Skills 101
Communication Skills 102/SEEK Communication Skills 102
Speech 101