Outstanding Balances

Outstanding Balances

In accordance with the policies of the City University of New York, students with tuition/fees/housing balances beyond the term scheduled due dates will have a BURSAR HOLD (B) placed on the account. A Bursar hold blocks registration for a future semester, the release of academic records such as enrollment verification, transcripts (official and unofficial), diploma and term grades.

Students may be notified of a past due balances via letter & email. Students always have access to their full financial record on CUNYfirst.

Partial payments are accepted leading up to the term posted due date, by which the entire bill should be paid in full. Partial payments are not considered a payment plan. Payment plans are facilitated by QuikPay Services in which payments are evenly distributed over a set number of months (p
ayment plans are typically not available for past due balances). Furthermore, partial payments do not prevent registration cancellation, accrual of late fees and/or the placement of a Bursar hold.

If registration is not cancelled and your tuition balance remains past due, partial payments are accepted (including eligible students approved to enroll in a QuickPay Plan). However, this method does NOT suspend account holds, permit registration or the release of official/unofficial college documents such as transcripts or enrollment letters.

Students are transferred to a collection agency if the balance continues to remain past due six (6) months after the official last day of the semester. The student may no longer make payments directly to the college. ALL payments or payment arrangements must be made directly with the collector* Students are responsible for the balance owed to the college as well as any additional fees/surcharges from the debt holding agency. Collection agency holds are University Holds. These holds are universal, which means they can be viewed by all CUNY Colleges and will block registration and release of pertinent documents from those institutions. *Please note: establishing a payment arrangement with a collector does not permit enrollment, release of transcripts or other pertinent college documents.