First Annual Conference (2014)

First Annual Conference (2014)

P2PH 2014 Conference Agenda

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014, Moot Court Room (668) at John Jay College

Decarceration: A Public Health Approach to Reentry

Academy of Public Health and Criminal Justice at John Jay College — First Annual Conference

9:00 am: Opening Remarks. Jeremy Travis, President of John Jay College of Criminal JusticeGary Belkin, P2PH Co-Chair, Medical Director Behavioral Health, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) Dr. Ernest Drucker, Director of the Academy on Public Health and Criminal Justice at John Jay College 

10:00 am: Voices from the Field: Meeting the Needs of Returning Individuals. Our first panel will discuss clinical needs and approaches for individuals, families and communities affected by high rates of incarceration and the  increased service needs of these populations in an era of Decarceration. 

12:00 pm: Keynote Speaker: Bernard Harcourt Julius Kreeger Professor of Law and Political Science at The University of Chicago. Professor Harcourt will discuss the lessons learned from de-institutionalization of men-tal hospital populations and subsequent increases in prison and jail populations. 

1:30 pm: Reimagining Structures of Reintegration. Discussants from various fields, including veterans’ services, restorative justice and prisoner reentry, will stretch their imaginations to envision a new system of reintegra-tion that builds on individual and community strengths and focuses on incentives rather than sanctions.

3:15 pm: Reform Messaging and Shaping of Public Opinion. Our final discussion will focus on the strategies and competencies needed to shape and build public opinion and broad support for expanded public health and restorative re-sponses to perceived antisocial behaviors stemming from substance abuse, trauma and other mental health issues. 


4:45 pm: Closing Remarks. Jeff Coots, P2PH Project Manager 


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