Part-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

John Jay welcomes part-time faculty and is eager to support your success.  Click the buttons on the right for essential information about the day to day operations of your job on campus, PSC-CUNY contract information for part-time faculty, CUNY rights and benefits, and teaching resources at the college’s Teaching and Learning Center.

Your interactions with Faculty Services will be primarily in regards to promotions. Promotions are granted upon verification of receipt of a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in one’s field. Verification should be sent directly to Adjunct Services Specialist Virginia Gardner,who will then adjust your title and corresponding rate.

After publishing a body of scholarship that would accord one a higher rank, there is a process which is outlined in the Adjunct Promotion & Policy Process, and guidance in preparing a portfolio for submission.


Finally, should you have concerns about your employment status or payment, contact Adjunct Services Specialist Virginia Gardner,

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