Permit Courses (CUNY ePermit and Non-CUNY Institution Permit)

Permit Courses (CUNY ePermit and Non-CUNY Institution Permit)

A permit course is a course taken at another college for which students receive credit at John Jay College. 

There are two kind of permit courses administered by the Office of the Registrar : CUNY ePermit and the NON-CUNY Institution Permit.

CUNY ePermit is a permit to take a course within the CUNY Colleges and it is enabled by the CUNY First system. The ePermit CUNY wide policies and procedures are available here.

CUNY ePermit Guidelines

CUNY ePermit Guidelines.

Undergraduate Forensic Science majors seeking an ePermit CUNY First request for science courses must obtain a written approval from the Chairperson of the Department of Sciences before the ePermit CUNY First request is considered. A CUNY First ePermit request does NOT guarantee a seat in the class that they want to attend at their HOST College.

CUNY ePermit Instructions to add or cancel an ePermit at CUNY First

Step by step instructions to add or cancel a CUNY ePermit are accessible here:

A CUNY ePermit request is available for students at their CUNY First account. Please note that students are required to submit one ePermit application for each course they wish to take on ePermit.

Once the permit is approved to another CUNY institution, the credits will be posted to the student's tuition bill. Payment must be made in full at the Bursar's Office of John Jay College.

All grades (A to WU) of courses taken on permit at CUNY colleges will be posted to the student's record and computed into his or her overall grade point average. Students receiving a failing grade (WU, F) for a course taken on permit will not benefit from the CUNY F-grade policy. Students in ePermit courses are responsible for arranging to have an official transcript sent from the Host College to John Jay College.

CUNY ePermit for CUNYBA Program 

The City University of New York Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies Program (CUNYBA/BS) is a unique interdisciplinary program allowing students to take courses in different CUNY Colleges while they keep a Home College. John Jay College CUNYBA students must submit a request for each course taken in another CUNY College and be approved by the Baccalaureate Program and they must apply for a CUNY ePermit here.

CUNY ePermit for Study Abroad Program

The City University of New York offers to their students a wide number of excellent programs to attend course overseas. Students interested in applying to these courses first must contact the Office of International Studies and Programs. After, a Study Abroad Program course (STABD) is approved by the International Studies and Program Office then the students may apply for a CUNY ePermit by submitting a request in their CUNY First account.

CUNY ePermit for Macaulay Honors College Program

The Macaulay Honors lectures (MHC) are courses limited to students who are admitted to this program at John Jay College. Several MHC courses are taught in different CUNY Colleges throughout the New York area. Honors student may submit an ePermit request using their CUNY First account to after their MHC courses are approved by the MHC Coordinator.

CUNY ePermit for ROTC

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) offers courses in leadership and military science (MSC) CUNY wide. Students applying to attend a MSC course in another CUNY college should contact the ROTC program coordinators at the CUNY College of their preference first then they may apply for a CUNY First ePermit using their student account to CUNY First.