Presidential Advisory Committees

Presidential Advisory Committees

International Advisory Board

International Programs Report 


Action Minutes  

April 3, 2014 Action Minutes

May 22, 2014 Action Minutes


Lisandro Perez, Latin American and Latino/a Studies 


Carlton Jama Adams, Africana Studies 

Jana Arsovska, Sociology 

Stephanie Autenrieth, Director of Admissions 

Ludovica Ciccarelli, Student 

Silvia Dapia, Foreign Languages and Literature 

Kate Mc Eleney, Student 

Kenneth Holmes, Dean of Students 

Olivera Jokic, English 

Anne Lopes, AVP for Strategic Initiatives and Dean of Graduate Studies 

Yi Lu, Public Management 

Mangai Natarajan, Sociology 

Mayra Nieves, Special Advisor to the President 

Anne Bean Rudman, Ex-officio; JJC Foundation Board member 

Gabrielle Salfati, Psychology 

James Williams, Student