Professional Development and Training Services

Professional Development and Training Services

Classroom Lab Support Services (CLSS) is committed to providing high quality professional development and training services. Below, you will find a variety of standard resources available to you for your professional and personal growth in the technology field. Take advantage of the wide array of quality workshops, demonstrations, "Tech Bites" sessions, consultations and more that are available to you here at John Jay College. Besides the standard resources, a JJC faculty member, department chair, or department director may request to have a Special Session for an CLSS Trainer to introduce an application to members of a department or a class.

The ALL-IN-ONE ScheduleThe ALL-IN-ONE Schedule 
The All-In-One schedule has been created to help you find training topics of interest quicker and simpler by consolidating all CLSS training events in one place regardless of categories as listed below.

25 minute Tech Shot Schedule25 minute Tech Shot Sessions 
These are our newest training sessions designed to accommodate the vast John Jay College faculty, staff and students with less than half hour to spare to learn about a specific technology.

Tech Bites ScheduleTech Bites Sessions 
These are specialized training sessions scheduled during the lunch hour and designed for relaxed learning. This stress-free, get-together event provides an opportunity to meet other members of the John Jay community to learn about and discuss new or existing applications in the technology field or the various topics pertaining to AVS, CTS, DoIT, and CLSS.

Workshops ScheduleWorkshops 
These are specialized training sessions designed for hands-on learning, covering applications that are in use by the John Jay College faculty, staff, and students.  These workshops are held in a computer equipped classroom for participants to apply what is being taught in the session.

Demonstrations ScheduleDemonstrations 
These are specialized training sessions designed to cover specific areas within applications that can increase productivity when using these applications by the John Jay College faculty, staff, and students.

Walk-In ScheduleAnnounced Walk-In Sessions 
These sessions provide walk-in assistance to the John Jay College faculty, staff, and students on topics ranging from multimedia to using a USB flash drive. Participants attending the session may walk in and learn on certain aspects of the session offered or the whole process. Questions are answered in regards to the session in question.

Training Courses ScheduleTraining Courses 
These are specialized training sessions with each course designed to cover a particular software application extensively and is taught over an extended period of time in a computer equipped classroom environment, typically.

Consultations ScheduleConsultations 
These are specialized training sessions with each session designed to cover a particular topic. Faculty and staff can email requests to or call extension 4892 to speak to Suzette Sancho. The Training Desk at the CLSS Student Computer Lab Center customizes a computer training session specifically focusing on those needs important to you or your associates. Consultations are arranged at a mutually convenient time.

e-Training Informatione-Training 
This is available to John Jay faculty, staff, and students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This progressive way to train includes access to hundreds of online courses and digitized books. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, e-Training at John Jay has something for you. Please click here for more information.

Please visit the CLSS General FAQ for common questions and answers.