Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum


The courses are designed to encourage undergraduate and graduate students to explore a conceptual framework of modern police leadership, address the new global realities that managers and supervisors need to change their leadership styles, and meet the challenges and requirements of a culturally diverse society and workforce.  Students will also be able to discuss and explore the impact of racial and ethnic diversity, social structure, and oppression in the United States with particular emphasis on policing and police supervision in New York City. Other courses examine the impact of racial and cultural myths and realities on police perceptions and responses to crime, and on community perceptions and responses to law enforcement.


Required Courses:
ANT 130 (formerly ETH 190) - Policing in a Multiracial and Multicultural City (3 credits)
PSC 135 (formerly PSC 191) - Supervisory Leadership for Police Services (3 credits)

Select two of the following courses: 


LAW 313 - The Law and Politics of Race Relations (3 credits) 
CRJ 321 - Police Ethics (3 credits) 
HIS 214 - Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States (3 credits) 

Required Courses: 
CRJ 810 - Police Leadership (3 credits) 
CRJ 738 - Perspectives on Race and Crime in America (3 credits) 
CRJ 742 - Police Ethics (3 credits)
Select one of the following courses:
CRJ 748 (formerly CRJ 819) - Counter-Terrorism Policy for Law Enforcement (3 credits) 
PAD 706 – Bureaupathology (3 credits)