Our current project is focused on collecting information for the Police and Community website, gathering academic and public policy research for the purpose of re-imagining and reforming police and community relations.

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Stop & Frisk Primer
On March 9, the New York Bar Association will host a panel discussion on the use of stop, question, and frisk practices by the New York City Police Department (NYPD). The Center on Race, Crime, and Justice has been tasked with producing a publication for distribution at that panel discussion. The publication will provide the general public with factual information about the practice over the last ten years, and its impact on racial/ethnic minorities.

Police-on-Police Shooting Task Force
On June 25, 2009, Governor Patterson issued a resolution authorizing a task force to investigate the incidents of police shooting other police in the state of New York. The impetus for the resolution was concern over the death of two police officers in two different incidents, Officer Omar Edwards of the NYPD on May 28, 2009, and Officer Christopher Ridley of the Mount Vernon Police Department on January 25, 2008. The officers were both African-American; the police officers who shot them were white.

Use of Confidential Informants in Drug Prosecutions
African-American Women in Managerial Positions in Criminal Justice
Women in general have only fairly recently taken positions within the predominantly male profession of policing. This research explores how women who face the possibility of both gender and racial discrimination have managed to rise through the ranks to become the supervisors and managers within major criminal justice agencies including police, courts, and corrections.