Public Service

Public Service

There are many kinds of public service, and one of the most visible is the
police force. The Police Studies major provides you with an in-depth understanding of the information, skills, and perspective important for police work, examining
all aspects of the field, including ethics, law, and community relations.
Other ways of serving the public may or may not involve criminal justice, but have a lot to do with the smooth  and safe management of organizations, individuals, and situations.

In the Fire and Emergency Service major you will learn about:
  • Systems and techniques that deal with crisis situations involving fire andnon-fire-related emergencies
  • Management systems and administrative methods
  • Public management theory and practice
  • Budget planning
  • Personnel considerations
  • All the other factors that must be considered in emergency management   

If you are very interested in a major that focuses on preventing or reducing injury or theft in a public, private, or institutional setting, consider Security Management

In this major you will:
  • Learn methods of organizing and operating the security function in a range ofsettings
  • Study management issues created by all kinds of emergencies
  • Consider investigation of crime situations as they relate to the security field
  • Either analyze an existing security program or plan an original one of your own in a senior seminar
The Public Administration major helps you understand the complex business of running public agencies and non-profit organizations as you look at how to develop and implement policy.

You will:

  • Examine the kinds of issues that policy makers have to deal with and how they go about addressing them
  • Understand the importance of financial and personnel considerations
  • Study the important role of  information systems in the administration of  public programs
  • Look at how an institution has vital relationships with other institutions
  • Choose an area of concentration such as Human Resources Administration, 
  • Financial Management, Public Policy and Planning (to name just a few)
  • Choose to pursue an internship or supervised work experience during your senior year

                Fire and Emergency Service
                Police Studies
                Public Administration
                Security Management