Readmit Undergraduate Checklist

Readmit Undergraduate Checklist

Congratulations on your readmission to the NYPD Leadership Program at John Jay College!  Please click on the the steps below to register for the Fall 2022 semester:

Step 1.  Activate Your CUNYfirst Account

All students are required to register online via CUNYfirst. CUNYfirst gives students access to register for classes, view schedule and grades, etc. You may activate your CUNYfirst account by clicking here and clicking on “New User” and following the prompts. Once you successfully complete this process, an 8-digit EMPL ID (CUNY ID) will be generated. Your EMPL ID will be used in lieu of your social security number.

Step 2.  Submit Any Missing Transcripts

You may send any additional transcripts to the following email address:

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for any credits to be evaluated and updated. If you have any questions regarding transcripts and/or credits, please contact the Office of Testing and Evaluation Office at

Step 3.  Register for Classes

All courses are on Fridays.  ANT 130 and PSC 135 are required courses and should be taken first.  PSC 321 and LAW 313 are electives that should be completed after completing ANT 130 and PSC 135. 

To begin registering, refer to the instructions and courses below:
ANT 130 8162 Policing in a Multiracial and Multicultural City 9:00AM - 11:45AM McHawi & Proctor
ANT 130 8163 Policing in a Multiracial and Multicultural City 5:00PM - 7:45PM McHawi & Charles
PSC 135 8614 Supervisory Leadership For Police Services 9:00AM - 11:45AM Walsh
PSC 135 9401 Supervisory Leadership For Police Services 12:45PM - 2:45PM LaRaia
PSC 321 8432 Police Ethics 9:00AM - 11:45AM LaRaia
PSC 321 52536 Police Ethics 12:45PM - 2:45PM LaRaia
LAW 313 8516 The Law and Politics of Race Relations 9:00AM - 11:45 AM Gibbons
LAW 313 8541 The Law and Politics of Race Relations 5:00PM - 7:45PM Gibbons
• Log into your CUNYfirst account by clicking here
• Click on Student Center
• Click on Enroll in the Academics section
• Select the term Fall 2022
• Click Continue
• Enter the 4 or 5-digit registration code within the Enter Class Nbr box
• Click Enter
• Click Next
• To add another class, enter the 5-digit class number for the next class, then click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button
• Verify that the classes are correct. If the classes are correct, click the Finish Enrolling button
• You may view your schedule by clicking on My Class Schedule
To register for classes outside of the NYPD Leadership Program, please refer to the instructions below:
  • Go to Student Center
  • In the upper right corner, select the Search for Classes button
  • Select the drop down box to select John Jay College for your institution
  • Select the correct term Fall 2022
  • To search for the courses, you may choose the Course SubjectCourse Number (i.e. CRJ 101, POL 101, etc.), and/or Course Career (undergraduate)
  • Make note of the 5-digit registration code (you will need this in order to register)


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive an email to pick up your textbooks 2-3 days prior to the start of classes. Students who did not activate their John Jay student email will not receive the textbook information.

Step 4.  Setup Your John Jay Email

Click here to access your John Jay student email account. John Jay College will be communicating with you using your new John Jay email account. You may forward your John Jay emails to your personal email or change your “primary” email on CUNYfirst. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the Help Desk at 212-237-8200.

Step 5.  Schedule An Appointment With Your Academic Advisor

Once all transcripts have been submitted and evaluated, and are interested in registering for courses outside of the Leadership Program, please contact Elizabeth (Liz) Bracey at

Students in the NYPD Leadership Program may enroll in a Leadership course prior to meeting with their academic advisor, but regularly meeting with your advisor is strongly encouraged.

Step 6.  Additional Tuition Discounts

Police Officer rankings may be eligible for a one-time course tuition waiver, when registering for a course outside the program. Students may use this one time only. Visit the Tuition Discounts and Academic Benefits page to learn more.  Non-supervisory rankings may also be eligible for a $100 tuition waiver. This waiver should be used after when registering for a course outside the NYPD Leadership Program. Visit the Tuition Discounts and Academic Benefits page to learn more.

Step 7.  Military Veteran Services (if applicable to you)

Military veterans may contact Chrissy Pacheco via email at for financial aid information.

Step 8.  Receiving Your Textbook(s)

All students registered for the NYPD Leadership Program will receive an email at their John Jay College email address 2 - 3 days prior to the start of the semester with information on when and where to pick up your textbooks.