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The earthquake in Haiti has had both a direct and indirect impact on the faculty, staff, and students of our college.  Students may find that their college careers are adversely affected in such wide ranging ways as impacting their ability to meet their financial obligations to missing classes due to travelling back home to being distracted and unable to focus on school work.
Please find a list of frequently asked questions below:

Q:  Is there a contact person for students who have been affected with Haiti-related concerns?
A:  Yes.  Student inquiries should be directed to Paul Wyatt (pawyatt@jjay.cuny.edu), Director of Student Relations in 3121N, who will take the appropriate information and direct students to the department who can best assist them.
Q:  How can I help?
A:  John Jay has created a Tabling Team responsible for setting up donation tables on campus.  We are looking for faculty, staff, and student volunteers to donate their time to man the “Help Rebuild Haiti” tables.  You can do so by e-mailing helprebuildhaiti@jjay.cuny.edu.  You may also help our efforts by making a monetary donation to the campaign to be donated to a reputable charitable organization.

Q:  How can I find out about missing loved ones in Haiti?
A:  The U.S. Department of State has set up a toll-free number to get information on missing family members, 1-888-407-4747.

Q:  What are some typical/normal reactions to this traumatic event?
A:  When a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic event such as the earthquake in Haiti, several powerful emotions are likely.  Initially common responses to natural disasters are shock and denial.  Shock is a sudden and intense disturbance of one’s emotional state that may leave a person feeling stunned or dazed.  Denial involves acknowledging that something stressful has happened.

Q:  I’m feeling overwhelmed by this crisis/experiencing some of the reactions listed above and could use some additional support.  Where can I go?
A:  The Department of Counseling is available for those members of the student community who wish to find support as they react to this tragic event and/or receive support accessing external resources.  Individual counseling support services and group consultation for offices and departments are available by contacting the Counseling Center at 212-237-8111 or visiting the office in room 3140 North Hall.
Members of the faculty and staff community are encouraged to contact Dean Donald Gray (x8512) or Christel Colon (x8296) for in house resources and to be connected to the CUNY Work/Life Program.

Q:  How can I learn more about the Haiti Relief efforts at John Jay and CUNY-wide?
A:  John Jay will continue to update the John Jay website as well as Jay Stop for “Help Rebuild Haiti” updates and upcoming events related to our relief efforts.  CUNY has created a website as well (www.cuny.edu/mu/helphaiti) for information regarding CUNY-wide relief efforts.

Q:  I have ideas and suggestions for fundraising activities and event, how can I share them?
A:  Please contact the Office of Student Development via e-mail at helprebuildhaiti@jjay.cuny.edu.

Q:  I have other questions not answered on this list, whom may I contact for additional help?
A:  All questions should be directed to the Office of Student Development which can be reached either via e-mail at helprebuildhaiti@jjay.cuny.edu or (for urgent matters) at (212) 237-8100.  Someone from the Office of Student Development will connect you with the proper person.