Research and Publications

Research and Publications


A central goal of WPS is to educate students and educators alike on the context of women’s experience in the public sector through activities and discussions that share experiences, information, and resources of women in the public sector. To do this, we regularly collaborate with faculty members, students, and practitioners interested in gender and the public sector.

We strongly support the use and adoption of women’s work in academia. @AWPARocks, @swpaaspa, and @womenalsoknow are three resources to promote women’s work in public administration. Anyone interested in collaborating with WPS, please contact Co-Founders: Nicole Elias - and Maria J. D' Agostino -






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Refereed Journal Articles 

  •        Elias, Nicole and Roderick Colvin.(forthcoming 2019). A Third Option: Understanding and Assessing Non-Binary Gender Policies in the United States. Administrative Theory& Praxis

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Refereed Book Chapters 


Other Refereed Publications

  • Elias, Nicole M. (Forthcoming). Transgender and Non-Binary Gender Policy in the Public Sector. In: Haider-Markel, Don (eds).Oxford Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy. Oxford University Press. https://doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.1168
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Other Publications

  • Elias, Nicole R. and D’Agostino, Maria J. (2018). Contemporary Theories of Women and Gendered Public Administration and Policy. Virtual Special Issue: Administrative Theory and Praxis.
  • D’Agostino, Maria J. and Elias, Nicole R. (Symposium Co-Editors). (2017). The Future of Women in Public Administration. Administration & Society, 49 (1), 4-8.​
  • Elias, Nicole Rishel (Lead Faculty Advisor). (2016). The U.S. Office of Personnel Management 2016 Governmentwide Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan.