Research Assistants

Research Assistants


Seonae ByeonSeonae Byeon

Seonae Byeon is a senior Honors student at John Jay College. She majors in BA International Criminal Justice and minors in writing. Because of her background as a great-granddaughter of an agent of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea during Japanese colonial era, she has been advocating decolonization from a very young age. She started to take actions in social justice when she was sixteen years old collecting 100 pairs of new shoes for children in Africa and received a commendation from UNICEF. She has been advocating immigrant rights and housing and tenant's rights through various non-profit organizations in NYC. She is also an artist and writer using her artistic skills to advocate human rights. Highlighting intersectionality and complicated immigrant history in NYC, Seonae won the third place of the Rubin Museum of Art writing contest in 2015. During Spring 2016 semester, in collaboration with a few non-profit organizations, she produced a film about struggles of women of color in America. During her junior year, she participated in the National Model United Nations representing John Jay. For many years, Seonae has visited three Native American reservations in American Midwest. In order to advocate human rights of Native American, she is currently conducting research on Native American reservations, their history, culture and various treaties. Her mission in her life is "to be the light to the darkest parts of society, to be a voice to the voiceless."



Ariun EnkhsaikhanAriun Enkhsaikhan

Ariun Enkhsaikhan is currently a senior at John Jay College majoring in International Criminal Justice and minoring in English. Her academic and professional interests include humanitarian engagements, peacebuilding, and migration, all with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Previously, she worked at the International Peace Institute, providing support to the Institute’s grant-making efforts and to its Membership Program. Ariun also worked for the Secretariat of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism—a two-year project designed to review the multilateral system and produce a report of the commission’s findings for the incoming United Nations Secretary-General. 



Lodoe GyatsoLodoe Gyatso

Lodoe Gyatso is currently a senior pursuing a bachelors degree in International Criminal Justice and Human Rights at John Jay College. Tibetan by origin, he feels that it is of utmost importance to promote the principle of basic and fundamental human rights through various platforms. He has previously worked with the Students for a Free Tibet in constructing the Human Rights Action Plan for Tibet (HRAP-TIBET), a report that highlights the human rights practices in China with policy implications which was presented at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. He was also a Student co-ordinator for Amnesty International and an Attendee Ambassador at the Annual General Meeting 2014. Lodoe is the oldest member of the John Jay’s United Nations Student Association with the distinction of “Outstanding Delegate”. He has worked with the Re-Entry Task Force at the District Attorney Office, Kings County to assist formerly incarcerated people to swiftly integrate into the community. He has founded and currently serves as President for Students Without Borders, a student organization which advocates and promotes a greater understanding of the international human rights at John Jay College. Lodoe is also currently a NGO representative to the United Nations for Peacemaking Initiative, a program under the Intersections organization. He has also lobbied on the issue of human rights conditions in Tibet at the United States Congress and the Permanent Missions of the United Nations. He is looking forward to pursue his master’s degree with concentrations on international peace, security, and global futures. 


Timur InsanallyTimur Insanally

Timur Insanally is a sophomore at John Jay and part of the Honors Program and is the Center's news reporter. He has numerous experience, including being a JFew Scholar, interning with Congressman Joseph Crowley of Queens and with Dorsey & Whitney LLP., and being the Chief of Staff to the President of the Student Council at John Jay. Currently, Timur serves as the Vice President for the MA of Public Adminsitration Student Association and is part of the National Model United Nations team. His future plans are to obtain a labor relations certificate at the CUNY School of Professional Studies and, upon graduation, seek to acquire a law degree in corporate social responsibility in order to combat the numerous human rights violations that are inflicted upon workers.






Sunayana LimbuSunayana Limbu

Sunayana Limbu is a junior majoring in International Criminal Justice at John Jay. She is the Center's Webmaster and Social Media person as well. She previously served as a Communications and Development intern for Pro Bono Net. A student writer for Odyssey, she often publishes articles on international affairs/human rights issues. Earlier this year, she served as a United Nations Volunteer, supporting Nari Sewa Kendra, a growing women's rights organization in rural Nepal. Sunayana has also worked as a We Are New York ESL Facilitator at the NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. Growing up in the civil war era of Nepal as an indigenous girl, she became a witness to discrimination, war crimes, atrocities and violence against women--these experiences have led her to pursue her studies in international human rights and crimes. Sunayana is an Enforcement/Investigative intern at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in New York District Office, where she assists federal investigators in conducting investigations on discriminatory cases. While she is a Young Professional advancing women's rights at NGO Committee on the Status of Women, she also leads the communications and media department of TEDxCUNY as the organization's Co-Director of Communications and Media.  She has been fighting against human trafficking as the New York State Ambassador for Friends of Women Protection Center Nepal. She is also a member of the award-winning National Model United Nations of John Jay. 


Remy LinbackRemy Linback


Remy Linback is a junior at Sarah Lawrence College and is studying political science and economics. She is an editor and founding member of the Sarah Lawrence Political Review, a student-run journal covering recent events in global politics. She is also a member of the Sarah Lawrence Humanitarian Watch, an organization aiming to educate students about human rights issues around the world.











Maarja SauMaarja Sau

Maarja is currently engaged in the MA program Study of the Americas at City College. She has finished her BA in her home country Estonia and also obtained a Master of Sociology from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. Her research interests include immigration and human rights and Maarja is an active member of the Human Rights Club at City College. She has also collaborated with the non-profit organization Historical Memory Project that focuses on preserving the memory of human rights crimes in Latin America, founded by Marcia Esparza, a professor at John Jay College. Maarja has professional experience in marketing and consumer research and enjoys also designing as a hobby. She was recognized as the honorary mention in the CUNY Human Rights poster competition in the spring of 2016

Michael VandergriffMichael Vandergriff

Michael Vandergriff is currently a senior at John Jay College majoring in International Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Rights. He is currently a candidate for the Fulbright U.S. Student Program working to secure a grant in order to conduct research in Rwanda. His current research focuses on reconciliation and restorative justice in post conflict societies. Michael is primarily interested in violations of international criminal law, specifically the crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity. Michael plans to attend law school with aspirations of seeking justice for victims of international offenses through criminal prosecutions.