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Tanya E. Coke, a Distinguished Lecturer in the Department of Public Management at John Jay College, was recently awarded a grant by The Atlantic Philanthropies to support a School-Justice Project.  The goal of the project is to provide greater understanding of how youth criminalization - in particular stop-and-frisk practices and the use of zero tolerance discipline - affect student engagement and persistence in school.  The project supports a full-time Senior Fellow who has been detailed to Washington, D.C. to help staff the Obama Administration's Supportive School Discipline Initiative (SSDI). Professor Coke will also commission and co-investigate a series of research projects that will examine how repeated exposure to criminal justice experiences - whether stop-question-and frisk, parental incarceration, or the deployment of metal detectors and police in school - affect young people's investment in learning.  Finally, the project will convene a series of roundtables to bring together educators, criminal justice officials and young people to discuss the research and its implications for policy reform.

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