Resources at John Jay

Resources at John Jay

Resources at John Jay

Pre-Law Institute
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Pre-Law Institute  

First Semester at John Jay

  • Make an appointment with a Pre-Law Advisor early to discuss course selection, majors, minors and to create plan for getting to law school
  • Concentrate on maintaining a strong GPA: Ideally it should be 3.5 or above. It is extremely difficult to get into law school with a GPA below 3.00.
  • Attend the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Forum in October
  • Go online to and register by November
  • Register with
  • Explore Spring semester internships
  • Apply for Pre Law Boot Camp. Boot Camp I and III, if you are starting in the Fall semester; Boot Camp I, if you are starting in the Spring semester

Second Semester at John Jay

  • Start the semester by making an appointment with your Pre Law Advisor to review your first semester experience and plan for the upcoming summer and academic year
  • Take the practice LSAT exam administered each semester
  • Develop relationships with professors who will be able to write substantive recommendations in support of your law school application
  • Start working on your personal statement
  • Attend Law Day at John Jay
  • Register in March for the October LSAT
  • Apply to the LSAT Prep Scholarship Program and other Pre Law Preparatory Programs
  • Prepare for the LSAT by signing up for a prep course. Devise a weekly study schedule for the summer between your junior and senior years which allows you to study 20 to 30 hours each week
  • Just before the semester ends, ask faculty for letters of recommendation–you will need them at the end of the summer and may not see your faculty before then
  • Complete your personal statement and have it reviewed by a Pre Law Advisor

For more details and contact info, visit the Pre-law Institute website.

The Office of Undergraduate Research 

At John Jay College, we strongly encourage our students to work with faculty members outside of the classroom on cutting-edge research projects. We have several programs in place to support these students that engage in research. For students in STEM disciplines (Forensic Science, Computer Science), the PRISM program exists to facilitate the transformation of our students into young scientists. For students in other majors, the Office of Undergraduate provides support. Support for student researchers comes in the form of scholarships, stipends, money for research supplies, travel support to attend academic conferences, a laptop loaner program, computers and conference space for research meetings and other uses, and a poster printer service. In addition, both PRISM and the O.U.R. give workshops to students on how to get into graduate school and prepare for an exciting career beyond college.

For more details and contact info, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research website.


In making the decision to transfer to John Jay College, students in the CUNY Justice Academy have joined a community wide-open with opportunities and possibilities related to their future careers. To assist them in understanding the connection between academic major and career choice, the Center for Career & Professional Development offers a wide variety of career services to John Jay students. Ranging from individual career counseling appointments covering issues like "What do I want to do with my life" to "How do I prepare for an interview" to drop-in services for resume and cover letter review, we seek to assist students throughout their career journeys of exploration, internships, and professional networking for the job search. Additionally, John Jay provides career services to alumni–for life! To make use of our services, all students are given a log-in to John Jay Careers Online, our online database of jobs and internships. Through this portal, you can apply for opportunities, view our calendar, and request an appointment with a career counselor. To stay current with what's going on in the career center, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

For more details and contact info, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development website.

The Scholarship Office 

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available to new trasfer students. To learn about these scholarships, visit the Scholarship Office website.

Tutoring Services 

John Jay offers a variety of tutoring services to suport and guide student learning. We encourage you to use these services as they can enrich your understanding of course materials and help you focus on what is important. To find out what each service has to offer, click here.