SAGE Early Warning System (Tutoring Referrals)

SAGE Early Warning System (Tutoring Referrals)


The SAGE Early Warning System is a module of TutorTrac. Many centers on campus that offer support services for students use TutorTrac or its sister product, AdvisorTrac, to manage student appointments and visits. The SAGE module allows you to make a referal to encourage/require a student to utilize the services of one of the centers. For example, you can use SAGE to refer a student for tutoring in the MSRC. Currently we are in a pilot phase for SAGE, and the list of participating centers and referral types is limited. If you don't see a SAGE referral type for the center to which you want to make a referral, please contact the center.

TutorTrac is completely web-based and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. The software is optimized for Firefox and does not work as well in other internet browsers. Please make sure your browser plug-ins are up to date before you access TutorTrac. If you need help with plug-ins, please contact the John Jay Help Desk at extension x8200.


You must have a valid John Jay faculty email account in order to access SAGE. Before you begin, you should watch the tutorial video and/or read the faculty instruction manual.

  1. Log in to TutorTrac on the web at . You may wish to bookmark this URL for easy access in the future.
  2. In the Faculty Options box, you will see all of your current class sections. Click the section you want.
  3. A student roster will appear. Click on the student you wish to refer. 


  1. On the Student Entry Screen, you will see a variety of tabs. Click the tab that says SAGE.
  2. If the student has any past SAGE referrals, you will see them there. To create a new referral, click the "NEW" button.
  3. Choose the type of referral you wish to make.
  4. Choose an option from the REASONS column and an option from the RECOMMENDATIONS column.
  5. Include any additional instructions you wish to add in the box provided.
  6. Click SAVE.


When you click SAVE, the referral is created. The referral is distributed via email to the student and the center. You will also receive an email confirmation that the referral has been created. When we receive the referral, a member of the MSRC staff will reach out to the student via telephone. However, acting upon the referral is ultimately the responsibility of the student. You may log in to TutorTrac at any time to see the status of the referrals you have made.

Please keep in mind that anything you type into a SAGE referral is visible to the student.


In many cases, you can view a student's visit history to see how often the student is accessing support services on campus. Keep in mind that not every center uses TutorTrac in exactly the same way. You should look at both the visit history and the appointment history to get a complete picture of a student's use of services.


To view a short instructional video on making a SAGE referral, click here.

To view a short instructional video on looking up a student's appointment and visit histories, click here (COMING SOON!).

To download a copy of the current TutorTrac/SAGE manual for faculty, click here.

You can request individual or group training by contacting the John Jay campus TutorTrac administrator-- currently Manuel Chaparro in the Math & Science Resource Center.