Samira Cruz-Tillery

Samira Cruz-Tillery

My major is Forensic Science and I chose it because I love law and medicine and felt that it allowed me to explore both combined.  I love the intricacy that the major brings and all the closure it brings to families.

Dream Career: Medical Examiner.

The top three life skills that I've learned in college:
1) Persistence.  In college you have to do a lot of things for yourself.  Sometimes, you have to push through and not be fearful of following up to get the answer you need.
2) Patience.  Waiting for grades can take time.  Waiting patiently helps you and those that are helping you, too!
3) Directions.  I get lost all the time and finding my way in the city can be challenging.  College helped me learn to find my way a lot easier.

My favorite book is:
1984 by George Orwell. 

If my life had a theme song it would be Hang in There Baby by Bridgit Mendler.