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Fall 2015 Forensic Science Graduate Lecture Series open to Undergraduate Students
Forensic Scientists have to deal with many challenges and are constantly developing scientific toolssome
solutions require novel methods, others specific adjustments, but all need to be validated. This
semester's lecture series will present current method development and practical laboratory aspects.
TIME: Wednesdays, 4:05pm - 5:05pm
PLACE: New Building, 5th floor, room 05.67.00; opposite North side elevator 
September 30, 2015
Speaker: Nihad Achetib, MS; Visiting Scholar, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Title: The potential use of biomarkers for the detection of head injuries as a result of child abuse.
October 21,2015
Speaker: Bharat lakhkar, MS; Former Quality Assurance Manager; NYPD Police Laboratory, Westchester County Forensic Laboratory
Title: Importance of Traceability and Uncertainty of Measurements in Drug and Toxicology Analysis.
November 18, 2015
Speaker: Don Siegel, PhD; Research Scientist, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, NYC
Title: Molecular Serology - Rapid Confirmatory Proteomic Identification of Body Fluids, Tissue and People.
December 2, 2015
Speaker: Li Yanlei, MS; Visiting Scholar, Institute of Forensic Science, Shijiazhuang Bureau of Public Security, PRChina
Topic: Method development to further characterize forensic evidence: counterfeit cigarettes and picked locks.
Attention: Room may change based on anticipated number of participants.
Keep an eye out for additional announcements.
Light refreshments will be served.
Any questions, please contact Mechthild Prinz, at 
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Room Fifth Floor Seminar (5.67) - Unless Noted Differently
524 West 59th Street, New York, NY 1001s
Thursday September 24, 2015
Mr. Chris Peitsch of Cheaapeake Testing of Belcamp, MD "Laser Profilometry to!"
Use in Gun Bore Dimensional Mapping"
Thursday October 1,2015  
Professor Daniel Yaverbaum "The UV Catastrophe"
Thursday October 15, 2015
Mr. Mircea (Alex) Comanescu of .lohn Jay and the Graduate Center, CUNY
"The Forensic Scientist's role: A comparison between the US, U.K, and Romanian Criminal Justice Systems"
Thursday October 22, 2015
Dr. Richard Mendelsohn Rutqers 
University - "Vibrational" Spectroscopy, Microspectroscopy and
Imaging, Applications to Skin Physiology and Pharmacology"
Thursday November 5, 2015
Ms. Ashley Morgan MS, "Recovery 
of Short Tandem Repeats form Cremated Remains" 
Thursday November 12, 2015
Ms. Tiffany Millett of CUNY 
Graduate Center "Applications of Raman Spectroscopy and SERS to Forensic Samples"
Thursday December 10,2015
Dr. Mechthild Prinz 
John Jay College and the Graduate Center CUNY
"The towel defense: or the case against DNA"

Past Events

Basic Death Scene Investigation Flyer

Post Mortem Imaging with CT Scan:

Advantages and Limitaions

Body X-ray

April 16, 1:40 PM, Room 05.66.01 NB
Dr. Fabrice Dedouit, Service de Médicine Légale, Toulouse, France


Role of Pharmacogenetics in Forensic Toxicology

DNA chromosome

April 15, 1:40 PM, Room 05.66.01 NB
Dr, Gilles Tournel and Dr. Delphine Allorge, University of Lille, France