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Social Justice & Civility

Social Justice & Civility

The effects of oppression, privilege, and power are continuously present in our daily lives. As a citizen of the modern world, you must face these issues with understanding. Social justice begins with establishing respect for people’s many intersecting identities, and creating spaces that allow equitable access to opportunities. As you learn about these dynamics, you will become well-equipped to advocate for yourself and others in the face of injustice.

Students who have developed the essential skill of Social Justice & Civility:

  • Will integrate knowledge of social justice, inclusion, oppression, privilege and power into daily lives.
  • Will advocate on issues of social justice, oppression, privilege, and power that impact people based on local, national, and global interconnections.
  • Will apply strategies to connect and build meaningful relationships with others while recognizing the multiple, interacting identities, perspectives, and developmental differences that people hold.