Sophomore Signature Courses

Sophomore Signature Courses

Sophomore Signature Courses are specialized classes, designed and reserved especially for sophomores to promote academic and career exploration with your professional goals in mind and which fulfill the General Education Flexible Core Level 200 Requirement: Individual and Society.

Exclusive Benefits and Supports:

  • Connections to resources, and academic- & career-enhancing opportunities
  • A supportive network of faculty advisors, staff members, and professional organizations
  • Events and activities linked to your course to maximize the experiences/opportunities offered throughout John Jay
  • A head start planning the best path to achieving your post-graduate goals

Fall 2019 Course offerings

AFR 243 - Africana Youth and Social Justice
F 10:50am-1:30pm - Reg Code: 28012
Professor Patricia Johnson Coxx
MW 5:55-7:10pm - Reg Code: 28013
Professor Raquel Bennett
This course focuses on Africana youth’s struggles for social justice over the past hundred years. Students explore conceptual frameworks to analyze Black youth organizational initiatives around civil rights and community building. Using primary texts, case studies, and a thirty-hour service-learning project, students examine Africana youth agency and change-making from multiple vantage points. They also evaluate their own place in society, actions and personal choices.

ANT 210 - Sex and Culture
MW 9:25am-10:40am - Reg Code: 16128
MW 3:05pm-4:20pm - Reg Code: 16133
Professor Shonna Trinch
Sex and Culture explores the cultural construction of human sexuality from the framework of the individual in society. Students will examine the social learning of sexual behaviors, beliefs and practices. Analytic focus will include how culturally prescribed gender roles for men and women inform notions of right and wrong. Specific topics may include institutionalized gender inequality, marriage and the family, homophobia and other issues involved in the relationship between sex and culture. All topics will be considered from a historical and cross-cultural perspective.

CSL 250 - Intimate Relationships
TTh 10:50am-12:05pm - Reg Code: 27753
Professor Katherine Stavrianopoulos
This course explores the individual, couple, and contextual factors that affect the development, maintenance, and decline of intimate relationships in social and cultural context. Students will be introduced to the concepts, principles and trends in intimate relationship scholarship and apply these to relationships they have observed, read about, and personally experienced. By examining scholarly articles and non-fiction texts in personal and socio-cultural terms, students will become more critical, analytical and reflective when it comes to intriguing topics like attraction, love, and effective communication. The course will also include in class discussions for students to reflect on their own behavior in intimate relationships.