Spanish Minor

Spanish Minor

Description. The status of Spanish as the second most spoken language on earth, together with the impact of globalization on the career opportunity landscape, argues strongly for the potential value of the study of Spanish as a second field of specialization. The Spanish Minor is primarily designed to develop linguistic, cultural and literary competence in Spanish by exploring literary texts, films, and cultural productions in Spain and Latin America through reading, writing, and research conducted in Spanish. 

Rationale. In the age of globalization mastery of a second language and culture provides students with valuable and necessary skills and a clear competitive edge in virtually any given occupational field. The State Department, for example, is placing increased emphasis on language knowledge in a wide range of federal government fields, including positions in the: Foreign Services, International Communication Agency, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Naturalization Services, Bureau of Narcotics, Department of Treasury, Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, Office of Economic Opportunity, and all levels of government in areas serving a large immigrant population. Similarly, job prospects in areas such as social service (law enforcement, welfare, health services, nursing, vocational counselor, case worker), arts, media and entertainment (advertising, journalism/broadcasting, publishing/editing), or in banking and financial services should be best for those who have professional certification in a foreign language. Minoring in Spanish makes you stand out in the increasingly competitive job market and in the admission process to top-rated graduate and professional schools.

Minor coordinator. Professor Maria Julia Rossi, Department of Modern Languages (212.237.8716,

Requirements. To complete the minor, students must take 18 credits (six courses) in Spanish language, literature, culture and/or translation beginning at the 200-level. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student’s major, other minor or program.

Academic Planning. The Spanish minor requires successful completion of the beginning Spanish sequence (SPA 101-SPA 102 OR SPA 111-SPA 112) or placement test results indicating an equivalent level of Spanish language comprehension. These courses satisfy the requirements of the General Education program in the Flexible Core: World Cultures and Global Issues; and in the College Option: Communications areas.  The placement exam is available in the Foreign Language Lab in room 7.65.00 NB.

Additional information. Students who enrolled for the first time at the College or selected this minor in September 2016 or thereafter must complete the minor in the form presented here. Students who enrolled prior to that date may choose the form shown here or the earlier version of the minor. A copy of the earlier version can be obtained in the 2015–2016 Undergraduate Bulletin.

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSES.                       Subtotal: 6 credits 

SPA 215 Spanish Conversation & Composition
SPA 401 Contemporary Issues in Hispanic Literature                                     

PART TWO. ELECTIVES.                                    Subtotal: 12 credits

200-Level Electives                                                                  
Choose Two

SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 211 Intermediate Spanish I for Heritage Students
SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish II for Heritage Students
SPA 230 Translating I
SPA 231 Interpreting I
SPA 250 Spanish for Criminal Investigation
SPA 255 Spanish for the Professional

300-Level Electives
Choose Two

SPA 309 The Theme of Justice in Spanish Lit (Taught in Spanish)
SPA 320 Latin-American Theatre Taller de Teatro/Theatre Workshop
SPA 321 Spanish Literature I
SPA 322 Spanish Literature II
SPA 331 Latin-American Literature I
SPA 332 Latin-American Literature II
SPA 336 Themes of Justice in Latin American Lit & Film (Taught in Spanish)
SPA 351 Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues in Hispanic Film and Literature
SPA 354 Hispanic Film
SPA 357 Violence Against Women in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPA 359 The African Legacy in Latin America Through Literature and Films
SPA 380 Advanced Selected Topics in Spanish
SPA 389 Independent Study 300-level

Total: 18 credits 
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