Student / Alumni Profiles

Student / Alumni Profiles

Current Students

Jasmine Gayle

Jasmine Gayle - Cohort 2016

“John Jay has been a place filled with welcoming professors and students. In Spring 2016, I graduated from Queens College as a chemistry and sociology major. I have dreamed about becoming a student at John Jay and pursuing my future career as a forensic scientist for many years. As a first generation student, this opportunity has been a once in a lifetime blessing that was once just an imagination. I am currently working towards pursuing a toxicology and criminalistics track as a graduate student. I plan on working in a crime lab in New York upon completion of my degree.”

Jasmine Gayle graduated in the Spring of 2019

Nitit Dalal

Niti Dalal - Cohort 2016

“I was apprehensive starting college in new country and after a long break from study, but the lively campus and friendly nature of the faculty made it easy for me. Faculty are not just referring students to scholarly journals, but rather helping bridge the space between the theory and practical aspect of subjects. Seminars from experts keep us updated about the field. It’s an honor for me to study with such faculty and be a part of John Jay.”

Nitit Dalal graduated in the Fall of 2018


Tiffany Millett

Tiffany Millett - 2013

“The Forensic Science program here at John Jay has opened more windows for me than I could have ever imagined. After graduating with my Bachelor’s in 2010, I went on to get my Master’s and now currently pursuing a PhD. I am forever grateful for the amazing professors in the science department that make this program exceptional and unforgettable. I am proud to be party of the John Jay alumni family!”

Tiffany is currently employed at John Jay as an adjunct instructor and full-time College Laboratory Technician. She is also pursuing her doctoral degree at the CUNY Graduate Center in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Forensic Science.

Amanda Battaglia - 2009

Amanda Battaglia

“The Forensic Science master’s program at John Jay College was an easy choice for me - the ideal location, unbeatable reputation and affordable cost all drew me in. Lectures by the field's leading scientists and in-depth laboratory projects prepared me well for my career. I will forever be grateful for my experiences at Jay.”

Amanda is currently employed as a Criminalist at the DNA Laboratory with the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner.