Student Organization Elections

Student Organization Elections



About Student Organization Elections


As we are continuing 2021-2022 academic year, we have some clubs that need to host elections and need people interested in running for those vacant positions. We have created a list of all of those student organizations and positions, in hopes of being able to fill them for the Fall!

There are many benefits to being a student executive. Some of them include:
     - Confidence
     - Communication Skills
     - Negotiation Skills
     - Management Skills
     - Networking
     - Stand-Out Resume

The requirements for being a club executive are:
      - 2.5 cumulative GPA
     - Must have completed at least 12 credits at John Jay
     - Must complete the Pre-Certification Form

If you are interested in being considered for an executive position, please email with the subject line Interested in Being a Club Executive and include the club name, position you are interested in, and a completed Pre-Certification Form.

Student Organizations   

The following are the student organizations who are in need of executives, as well as the available positions.

ALPFA (Association of Latin Professionals for America)
John Jay chapter of the professional organization in finance, accounting, and other related professions.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Artists United 
Music lovers with a keen interest in musical expression & arrangements at John Jay.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Boxing Club
To practice, train and understand the fundamentals of boxing while providing accessibility to the John Jay community.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Economics Club
Unifying John Jay students and faculty who are interested in the field of ecnomics. Our mission is to help the John Jay community better understand the value and necessity of Economics.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Environmental Club
Our purpose is to make John Jay more environmentally friendly by increasing awareness of environmental issues, conducting various recycling programs, and participating in outdoor activities where students will appreciate the environment.
Executives Needed: Secretary, Treasurer

Forensic Science Society
Forensic Science Society aims to promote a safe space and stress free zone for Forensic Science students and those interested in the Forensic Sciences. They also strive to hone networking and social skills amongst people from diverse backgrounds.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association)
ISACA's main purpose is to create and provide opportunities for John Jay studetns to learn beyond the classroom, and to be able to network with IT professionals. They provide a platform for networking opportunitieis and help JJ students grow profiessionally.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. We welcome students into caring, diverse communities, where they can build friendships and explore Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

John Jay DREAMers
Educate and unify the student body on immigration issues, seek to represent and protect the needs and aspirations of students both documented and undocumented. 
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

John Jay Radio
Seeking to promote and foster knowledge of American Broadcasting and other forms of media, through events, music, programming, collaborations and education.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

John Jay Singers
A group of singers who come together to join our voices in peace, harmony, and love. Each and every one of us have grown a passion for singing in which for many it had become a hidden talent. Our mission here is to be able to touch one's heart with our voices and our unity as well as give others such as students, alumni, faculty and staff a chance to sing.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Korean Student Association
Providing seminars and events to enrich the understanding of Korean culture and how it affects being a Korean American student.
Executives Needed: VP, Treasurer

La Voz
In conjunction with the Latin American Studies Department, LVC strives to bring awareness to issues affecting Latinos in the US, throughout Latin America and in Latino communities, the voice of the community. 
Executives Needed: Treasurer

PAM (Photography, Artistry, & Modeling) 
The purpose of this organization shall be to embolden those with an interest in photography and modeling by bringing theme into the world of 2D art. Our goal is to educate our members about the various techniques, styles, and genre of photography by giving them opportunity to study multiple mediums. We will allow our members to grow their skills by way of workshops and various interactive activities in a friendly environment.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Philosophy Club
This club will encourage student members to think critically and will foster philosophical thought. Moreover, the club will seek to show the potential of philosophy as a career.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

SEEK Society
Promote community building and leadership among the SEEK and non-SEEK students through networking, professional development, events and more.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer

Students Without Borders
The mission of Students Without Borders is aimed at raising awareness of human rights violations by observing international laws and standards of international organizations.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Treasurer

Women in Tech
Engages, encourages, and emboldens women involved in technology. The tech field is rapidly growing and it's important that the students at John Jay have the opportunity to gain insights into industry and to network with respected professionals.
Executives Needed: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer