For Students/Language Placement Exam & Other

For Students/Language Placement Exam & Other

The MLC will provide placement exam support online/remote only via Zoom or Skype. There is no in-person support at the center during this time. All services are being provided online and remote. Emailing the MLC is the best method of communciatin during this time. Please also check the MLC home page for more information.

Language Placement Exam Schedule

What has changed is there is a survey that needs to be completed first by students interested in Spanish. Also, the placement exam is not being required for French 101 only for the interim of distance learning in CUNY but students still need to email the MLC for the CUNYfirst milestone/permission before they can register.

What hasn’t changed is the placement exam is not required for all the 101 courses in language (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German). Students can register for 101 in any of those languages without any placement exam or milestone/permission intervention. The exam is only required for registration into sections higher than 101.

MLC Language Placement Exam services are being provided online and remote only:

This is done via Skype or Zoom. Students can contact the MLC at if they have any questions regarding the details of the set up and proctoring.  

Placement Exam Important Information Update:

  • SPANISH: *(The Survey has been turned off for the holiday break. It will be turned back on January 4th.)* If you are interested or need to take Spanish as a language course, please complete this survey first: We will follow up with you afterwards with placement information.
  • FRENCH: If you want to register for French, please email the MLC for placement help (
  • All Other Languages: Please inquire with the MLC via email.


After completing the Spanish survey, students will receive communication regarding the next steps in the process within 7-10 days.

  • Taking the placement exam: The MLC Supervisor or staff member will reach out and set up a date and time, and the exam account for each student. Students will then receive an online meeting calendar invite to either Zoom or Skype. Students have to share their desktop screens and keep their mics on for the duration of the exam so the staff member can monitor their progress. 


Please download our placement exam flyer for students here - Flyer!


You can also review the schedule below.

Special Accommodations For OAS, Graduating Seniors, and Non-Traditional Students

  • Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services are allowed to take the exam in the OAS office.
    • This accommodation requires prior approval with an OAS administrator.
  • Graduating seniors and Non-traditional students can request special accommodations regarding scheduling through the MLC supervisor.
  • Students registered with OAS, graduating seniors, and non-traditional students are still subject to the processing times for results in reference to peak and non-peak registration periods unless an accommodation has been made on their behalf.

Peak & Non-Peak Registration Periods

  • Students can email in advance to schedule an appointment or walk-in during the center’s normal operation hours Monday – Friday. (no weekend proctoring)
  • Students are encouraged to call in advance to double check the center’s schedule and any activities taking place.   
  • The exam is not administered past 4:15pm Monday – Thursday; nor past 3:15pm on Friday. 
    • The exam can take up to 45 minutes to register for and complete; the center closes at 5pm Monday – Thursday, and 4pm on Friday. (no weekend proctoring)
  • Students should not expect immediate results after completing the exam unless special accommodations have been requested on their behalf and confirmed with the MLC supervisor. This is especially important if they are taking the exam during a non-peak registration period.


  • Students will receive an email from the MLC supervisor indicating their placement results have been posted to their Milestones on their CUNYfirst accounts.
  • A Milestone is not the actual registration for the course. The milestone gives students permission to register for the course.
  • Students can only register for the level they place into.
    • If you are unhappy with your placement result, you can speak to an advisor or an administrator in the Modern Languages & Literatures department.
  • Students are not allowed to retake the same exam if they are unhappy with their placement result.

Steps To Take After Results

  • Once students receive their results they should register for the class they placed into.
  • Students can also speak to Academic Advisement or an administrator in the Modern Languages and Literatures department if they have questions about the registration process or exemptions from the course they were placed into.
  • If students receive the email regarding their placement results but don’t see the milestone on their CUNYfirst, they can contact the MLC supervisor for assistance.  


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