Summers With CUNY EDGE

Summers With CUNY EDGE

Summer Hours:

As of the Summer of 2018, all matriculated students receiving cash assistance must complete 30 hours of engagement during summer sessions.  While this has been a requirement for the Fall and Spring sessions, it is now also required for Summer sessions as well.

You will recieve a FIA letter in the mail shortly after the Spring semester ends inquiring about your activity. Please bring this to us for completion.


Summer Enrichment Academy

An experiential learning opportunity for eligible CUNY EDGE students.

Since the Summer of 2018, CUNY EDGE has been able to collaborate with a professor who has led an eight week class course that prepares our students in navigating work- life- balance, and what to expect post graduation.  Some topics discussed during the class include but are not limited to:  leadership development, community participation, volunteer experiences, civic engagement, and professional development. At the same time, our students are matched with a volunteer/ experiential learning opportunity to get the hands on experience. 

For the Summer Enrichment Academy enrollment process, please contact us at