Surveillance Lecture

Surveillance Lecture

Dr. Ross W. Bellaby is Senior Lecturer in Security Studies in the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield, and has a PhD in International Relations from Aberystwyth University.  He is the author of The Ethics of Intelligence. His research broadly includes looking at historical and contemporary use of intelligence along with the rise of the surveillance state. 

The lecture will be followed by comments by Professors John Kleinig and Kostas Georgatos.

Use the links below to explore Professor Bellaby’s work.

Going dark: anonymising technology in cyberspace, in the Ethics and Information Technology journal (2018).

The ethics of whistle-blowing: Creating a new limit on intelligence activity, in the Journal of International Political Theory, (2017).

Too many secrets? When should the intelligence community be allowed to keep secrets? in Polity 51(1), (2018)

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