Sustainability Events

The Condor and the Eagle Film Screening
Panel Discussion:  Harmony with Nature in Sustainability

April 19, 2021

Film Streaming - Watch anytime during April 17-19, 2021
Panel Discussion:  April 19, 2021 at 1:40 pm over Zoom

Join the John Jay College Sustainability Council, the Environmental Justice Program, the International Criminal Justice MA Program, and the Environmental Club as well as  Co-hosts for a film screening and panel discussion.

Film Website:
Year:  2019
Directed by:   Clement Guerra, Sophie Guerra

Synopsis:  Four Indigenous leaders embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of "Climate Justice". Their path through the jungle takes them on an unexpectedly challenging and liberating journey, which will forever change their attachment to the Earth and one another.

The Panelists

Lindsey Kayman, (Moderator) is the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Chair of the College's Sustainability Council.   She is President of Environmental Education Fund. 

Vincent Mann, Chief, Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lanape Nation, which encompasses parts of New Jersey and New York. Since 2008, Chief Mann has tirelessly worked to help his community survive and fight back in light of the Ford Motor Company’s toxic dumping on the Ringwood Mines superfund site. He is also currently co-creating the United Lunaapeewak to restore Lunaape culture and provide educational opportunities across the region. 

Casey Camp-Horinek, a tribal Councilwoman of the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma and Hereditary Drumkeeper of its Womens’ Scalp Dance Society. She is also an Emmy award winning actress, author, and an internationally renowned, longtime Native and Human Rights and Environmental Justice activist. Casey led efforts for the Ponca tribe to adopt a Rights of Nature Statute and pass a moratorium on fracking on its territory, and has traveled and spoken around the world.

Craig Kauffman, is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon and is a member of the United Nations Harmony with Nature Expert Network.  Harmony with Nature seeks to incorporate the Rights of Nature into the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Erica Cowper, is an undergraduate at Drew Universityand an Officer of the Drew Environmental Action League (DEAL).

How CUNY is Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Facilitating Solar Energy in NY  
April 14, 2021

Tria Case, Esq., Executive Director of Sustainability and Energy Conseratation
Laurie Reilly, Communications Director, Sustainable CUNY

CUNY will meet the targets set in the 2019 NYC Climate Mobilization Act - Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Mmissions 40% by 2030,  compared to 2006 levels!  





Grief and Ecological Loss into Action, Mary Ting

April 30, 2020

A virtual presentation about ecological destruction, cultural history, and the urgency of action, with an in-depth focus on education and community projects.

Artist, Mary Ting is an adjunct associate professor in the Art Department and the Environmental Justice Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Presented by the John Jay College Sustainability Council, the John Jay College Environmental Justice Program, and Environmental Education Fund.

Unite Behind the Science..and the Math

a 2019 NYC Climate Week Event

September 25, 2019, New Building:  L2.85

A joint program of the John Jay Collage Environmental Justice and Sustainability Program, Environmental Education Fund and Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program, Columbia University, Earth Institute


Film and discussion with Rezwan Razani, Footprint to Wings who is creating the Race to Zero Carbon competition.

Go beyond climate striking! There is a lot of theoretical information about how renewables and efficiency can replace fossil fuels. First Gigawatt Down, Parts 1 and 2, simplify the math and challenge you to form a team to come up with the best plan for your state to reduce a gigawatt of fossil fuel energy using real data, and factoring in NIMBY, logistical, technical, and social justice issues.


Presentation and Discussion with Pushker Kharecha, Deputy Director of the Climate Science Awareness and Solutions Program, Columbia University, The Earth Institute, about German and Japan’s experience after closing many of their nuclear power plants.

We will first show Jon Bowermaster’s 6 minute film,The Long Shadow of Indian Point, that explains concisely why many people are wary of nuclear power in general and Indian Point in particular.


We will have the room for an extra hour for continued discussion and brainstorming. 

Free tickets:



6th annual EcoCinema Cafe, a  3-day Marathon of Films & Discussions
April 15-17, 2019
New Building Student Dining Hall
in collaboration with Environmental Education Fund


5th annual EcoCinema Cafe, a  3-day Marathon of Films & Discussions
April 24-26, 2018
New Building Student Dining Hall
in collaboration with Environmental Education Fund




Awakening the Dreamer - Changing the Dream
a Pachamama Alliance Workshop at the 4th Annual EcoCinema Cafe
April 24, 2017
860 11th Avenue, NY NY in the Student Dining Hall
in collaboration with Environmental Education Fund


















  4th Annual EcoCinema Cafe, a 3-day Marathon of Films and Discussions
April 24-26, 2017
New Building Student Dining Hall
in collaboration with Environmental Education Fund

From April 24 through 26, 2017, in the New Building Student Dining Hall, John Jay College will present the 4th annual  EcoCinema Cafe Film festival.  Environmental documentaries will be shown all day interspersed by discussions and short films.  The EcoCinema Cafe Festival is a joint project of the college’s Sustainability Council, the Sustainability Environmental Justice program and the Environmental Education Fund