Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The Teaching and Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, to supporting social justice and equity in public urban higher education, and to providing mentoring, resources, and opportunities that enable faculty, staff, and students to engage with and enhance teaching and learning.

 John B.King Jr. Defines What It Takes to be a Great HSI

TLC Podcasts: Spotlight Series

TLC Spotlights interview one or more faculty and staff members to focus on a particular teaching and learning issue.  In this initial series, faculty focus on the connections between resilience and teaching and learning in their own modalities and disciplines.
"Drama, Trauma, and Mayhem: Engaging Students and Faculty with Capacity and Time"
with Drs. Erica King-Toler, Schevaletta Alford, and Wendy Johnny
In this TLC Spotlight Series podcast, Assistant Professor Erica King-Toler, Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department; Associate Professor Schevaletta Alford, Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department; and Assistant Professor Wendy Johnny, Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice share their expertise with teaching students experiencing drama, trauma, and mayhem both inside and outside the classroom. Speaking from three distinct pedagogical perspectives, these professors illustrate these terms with theory and anecdotes to provide rich definitions and examples of engaging students with capacity and time in multiple contexts.
Please click here for the podcast, which can also be found on Podiant, Spotify, Google Play, and Apple.


 "Connecting Processes and Community in Online Courses"
with Drs. Crystal Leigh Endsley, Beata Potocki, and Lisa Tsuei
Creating and sustaining student communities in online courses is increasingly challenging as students and faculty rarely connect in real time during the term and the tendency for many students is to work in isolation. As participating in community is a marker of student success and resiliency, finding and using effective processes to connect is both necessary and challenging. 
This spotlight interview with Dr. Crystal Leigh Endsley, Assistant Professor of African Studies; Dr. Beata Potocki, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English; and Dr. Lisa Tsuei, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, focuses on the processes that help online educators establish and maintain more resilient student communities in their courses. Interviewed by Dr. Gina Rae Foster, Director of John Jay College’s Teaching and Learning Center, Drs. Endsley, Potocki, and Tsuei share strategies and experiences that have helped them create effective learning communities while teaching online.
We encourage you to listen to these three extraordinary faculty discuss their work and inspire you to reflect on your teaching, whether in-person or online. Please click here for the podcast, which can also be found on Podiant, Spotify, Google Play, and Apple.
"How Understanding Trauma and Resiliency Can Improve Your Teaching"                         with Dr. Gina Rae Foster
This recent interview with TLC Director Gina Foster touches on the range of her work integrating trauma and resiliency research and practice with teaching and learning in public urban higher education:   
  • A discussion of capacity in terms of ongoing expansion and exchange
  • An introduction to the Resiliency Principles (Stability, Capacity, Flexibility, and Community) and their applications to both in-Person and online classrooms
  • Guidance for working with students during times of personal and community loss
  • Thoughts on maximizing grit (determination and persistence)
  •                                                                           Strategies for creating instructor-student communities                                                                                            

  Click here to listen: Understanding Trauma and Resiliency for Teaching and Learning