Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

The Teaching & Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, supporting social justice and equity in public urban higher education, and to providing mentoring, resources, and opportunities that enable faculty, staff, and students to engage with and enhance teaching and learning.
During the pandemic and our shared experiences of increased racial violence and climate change, the TLC continues to work within its mission to guide and support the college to more effective and humane approaches to teaching and learning. As we operate remotely, we commit ourselves to sustain awareness and responsiveness to the needs of our community and our responsibilities towards faculty, students, and staff.




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What Is ChatGPT? How Can We Teach with AI?

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Spring 2023 Faculty Development Day Sessions

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Please note: During the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, the TLC office will be open in person on an as-needed basis and virtually  9-5 Monday-Friday. 

Please email: tlc@jjay.cuny.edu

*Please note that we do not currenlty have access to voicemail. We advise using the TLC email address above. We do not have access to fax communications at this time.