Tuition Assistance Waiver FAQ

Tuition Assistance Waiver FAQ

Tuition Costs
Spring Semester
Financial Aid
Waiver Process
Program Enrollment and Eligibility


What are my options for summer classes?
Students have the option to take gen-ed or major courses offered at John Jay in any summer session (3W1, 5W1, 8W1, 3W2, 5W2, 3W3) 

Are online classes an option?
This summer all classes will be online.

What days do summer classes take place?
The majority of online classes do not have a set time in CUNYFirst, but there are a few with consistent meeting days and times. Check the course information in CUNYFirst, with your professor, and the class syllabus, to see if there is a set meeting time every week, or if the class is asynchronous.

When am I able to register for summer courses? 
Summer registration opens April 1st. 

How many classes can I take over the summer as part of the Acceleration Program?
The Acceleration Program will provide one tuition assistance waiver per student.  Students can take additional summer courses at their own expense.

Do study abroad courses qualify for this program?
Unfortunately, not. Qualifying courses must take place at John Jay College.  

Can I take a class at another college?
ePermit courses do not qualify for this program. Only those courses offered by John Jay College qualify.

If classes are online, will I be able to take a science class with a lab?
Each department determines which classes are suitable for online instruction.  If you see your science class as available this summer, the course – and lab – have been converted into online components. Please make sure to check the syllabus for the course requirements. 

What are the courses available to take this summer?
Check out the STEM courses and the Gen-Ed courses offered this summer.   

If I don’t participate this summer, can I use a tuition assistance waiver in the Winter?
Tuition assistance waivers are not guaranteed for the Winter.  The summer intersession is the main focus of the tuition assistance waiver program. This is because there is more time and a larger offering of courses, so we are able to support more students.  If there are any funds left over from the summer, a winter program may run for a specific targeted course which you may not be eligible for.

Tuition Costs

Is there a difference in tuition cost between in-person and online courses?
There is no difference in tuition costs between in-person and online courses.

How is the tuition assistance waiver applied to my tuition?
The tuition assistance waivers provided by this program are last dollar in funds.  This means any financial aid awards for the summer will first be applied to your course tuition costs, and then the tuition assistance waiver will cover any leftover bill amounts.

Spring Semester

How are tutoring services and workshops continuing this semester?


Can I still file for the Pass/Fail option this semester (SP20)?
The option to Withdraw from a course has been extended to May 14th. See steps to select the Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) option.

How can I take a language test (French/Spanish) this semester?
The language tests for French and Spanish are administered by the Modern Language Lab. Please contact the MLC in regards to setting up an exam date and time at or by calling 212.484.1140. You can also make an appointment online through TutorTrac.  All other languages do not require a test as students will go into the 101 option.

Financial Aid

How do I file for financial aid?


Is there a deadline to complete my FAFSA and TAP applications?
The Priority deadlines for the 2020-2021 FAFSA is April 30th. The sooner you complete your financial aid application, the better.

Is there a separate application for summer financial aid?
No, there is not a separate application.  The 2020-2021 FAFSA application is for the entire academic year, including summer.

Can I register for classes if I have filed my FAFSA and have been chosen for verification? 

  • Yes, you should still be able to participate in the Acceleration Program. 
  • Verification documents can be emailed to Jay Express ( Make sure the copies are legible. PDF would be preferred to images.  


I do not qualify for financial aid, am I still able to enroll in the Acceleration Program?
Financial aid ineligibility alone does not disqualify you from being eligible for a tuition assistance waiver.  Please contact the STEM Acceleration Specialist at to speak further about your options.

What FAFSA application will include my summer 2020 courses, 2019-2020 or 2020-2021?
Summer courses fall under the upcoming academic year. Your 2020-2021 FAFSA application will include any aid for summer 2020.

Will using financial aid in the summer impact the amount I receive in the fall semester?
No, your financial aid allotment for summer is separate from the regular academic semester. The only way your funds for future semesters may be affected is if you have acquired a number of W grades, and are no longer making academic progress to graduate in four years. 

Will my Summer Pell be impacted because of the changes to the spring semester?
Most likely not. The only way you may be impacted is if you are currently considered as not making Satisfactory Academic Progress.  However, this decision can be appealed, and the STEM Acceleration Specialist will be able to help you with this process.

Waiver Process

When will the waiver be applied to my summer tuition bill?
Tuition Assistance Waivers are applied once grades for the course are posted to CUNYFirst.  Waivers will be process for students who receive any grade between an “A” and “F”. Students who receive a grade of “W” or “WU” will not receive a tuition assistance waiver.

How long will it take for the waiver to show on my summer tuition bill?
Once grades have posted to CUNYFirst, a list of students receiving tuition assistance waivers will be submitted to Bursars. Processing time to post to student accounts can take a minimum of 3 to 6 weeks.

Program Enrollment and Eligibility

How do you enroll for this program?


How will we be informed about workshops and tutoring? 
You will receive regular email updates from the STEM Acceleration Specialist. Correspondence will go to your John Jay email, so make sure to check it regularly. A link to available workshops will be provided shortly.

Will changing majors effect my ability to be a part of the program?
No, change of major forms can be submitted to Jay Express by email. The change of major will show in CUNYFirst/Degreeworks for the summer semester. 

Will this program also cover my fall and spring tuition?
The Summer tuition assistance program provides a tuition waiver for a single course in the summer.  Students looking for fall and spring tuition assistance may want to contact the ACE program to see if they are eligible.