U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program at John Jay

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program at John Jay


We are delighted to introduce the USCG Auxiliary Lower Manhattan Flotilla 05-03 Detachment at John Jay. On June 9, 2016, the United States Coast Guard CDR Laura Moose, Director of Auxiliary, First District Southern Region (D1SR) officially approved the establishment of the John Jay College AUP Flotilla Detachment for Flotilla 5-03 effective immediately. The formation of the Flotilla 05-03-001 John Jay College AUP Detachment is a sub-division of the USCG Auxiliary Lower Manhattan Flotilla 014-05-03.


The USCG Auxiliary is a non-military program dedicated to support the mission of the U.S. Coast Guard to secure the borders and keep the world safe. The responsibilities of the USCG Auxiliary involve a broad spectrum of on-shore and on-water operations which include waterway patrol, port security, environmental protection, radio communication, and ship and boat compliance.

Flotilla Commander Anthony B. Carter
and Matthew Pascual. 

Students who join the detachment have the opportunity to work in various harbor contexts as a volunteer. The Auxiliary University Program (AUP) combines these practical experiences with an academic education to develop students' leadership and technical skills. Through academic coursework students are able to obtain a certification and learn about dynamic career paths in the USCG.

The Student Club JJAUP connects John Jay students and faculty to the USCG AUP by providing guidelines and support. Through JJAUP, students can participate in the USCG AUP community and benefit from the exceptional opportunities the program offers to build their future careers.

USCG Auxiliarist and Assistant Professor Susan Pickman, Ph.D., CFE, John Jay College Security, Fire and Emergency Management Dept. was appointed Auxiliary Flotilla Staff Officer/Faculty Advisor for John Jay College AUP Detachment Flotilla 05-03-001.


CInauguration of the first JJAUP member Matthew Pascual at the FLotilla 05-03.
From left to right: Dr. Charles P Nemeth, Solomon Ditta, Dr. Susan Pickman, Mathhew Pascula, Jayson Cancel.

JJAUP September 2016. From Left: Former Secretary Megan McGlynn, AUP Student Tiffany Riu Jing Gu, former Treasurer Jayson Cancel, former Vice President Bria John, President Solomon Ditta, Former President Mathew Pascual, Detachment Leader and Professor Susan Pickman, AUP Student Alex Tardelli, AUP Student Kimberly Trejo


Specific opportunities for students:

1.  Academic Coursework which leads to Certification:

General courses Students complete all three:
101 – Basic Introduction Course
103 – Incident Management
110 – Safe Boating

Elective Courses - Students complete at least one:
210 – Boat Operations
220 – Communications
230 – Marine Safety
240 – Vessel Examination
250 – Public Affairs
260 – Aviation

Leadership CapstoneStudents complete at least one:
301 – Leadership and Management
303 – Independent Project
304 – Homeland Security
305 – Unit Leadership

QualificationStudents earn at least one qualification:
Boat Crew (Auxiliary)
Telecommunications Operator
Marine Safety Training Ribbon
Vessel Examiner
Public Affairs Specialist
Air Observer

A more detailed outline of the academic requirements and course catalogue can be found here.

2.  Coast Guard Internships:

Read more about internship opportunities here.

3.  Relationships and Networking with AUP Colleges and Universities:

Read more about other AUP Colleges here

4.  Leadership Training

The AUP program provides Coast Guard leadership training and expects college students in the Unit to become future leaders. Read more here.

5.  Career Entry into the U.S. Coast Guard

While no AUP member is required to join or enlist the USCG, participation in the AUP opens up opportunities for various career tracks in the USCG. For example, AUP unit attendees have a 70% chance of enrollment in the Officer Candidate School in New London, CT.

6.  Academic Credit towards SFEM/PMT Degrees

The Department will be granting some academic credit towards students’ degree studies at John Jay. Presently it is evaluating but we will post announcements in the Fall term.



Dates and Meetings:


Flotilla/Detachment meetings are scheduled the 3rd Monday of each month (meeting dates are subject to change) at the MIO Building, 1 South Street, NYC at 7 PM (adjacent to the S.I. Ferry Terminal-USCG Recruiting Station).

Flotilla/Detachment meeting dates scheduled in 2016 are:


July 18 - Guest speaker, ADSO-HR-FS Joseph Villafane, Food Service Specialist

August 15 - TBA

September 19 - TBA

October 11 - election

November 21 - TBA

December 19 - Holiday party



JJAUP Leaders:


Dr. Susan Pickman, Faculty Moderator
Solomon Ditta, President
Laura Estrada, Vice President
Jacob Nelson, Treasurer

Victoria Ramirez, Secretary



JJAUP welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students at John Jay who are capable and dedicated to contribute to the USCG Auxiliary of the Lower Manhattan Flotilla 05-03. A JJAUP membership is a prerequisite to join the USCG AUP.

Steps to enroll:

Step 1: Become a member of the Student Club JJAUP.

Fill out this form and send it to Mr. Solomon Ditta at ditta.solomon@gmail.com.
Once you receive confirmation of your JJAUP membership you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2:  Apply to the USCG AUP.

Apply online at the USCG AUP.
JJAUP will support you through the application process.