Volume 8

Volume 8

Why Do Firms Take Action on HIV/AIDS? Evidence From Nigeria (pages 1-38)

Sydney Rosen, Boston University

William MacLeod, Boston University

Jeffrey Vincent, University of California at San Diego

Donald Thea, Boston University

Jonathon Simon, Boston University



The Profile of High Performing Employees in Cyprus (pages 39-64)

Annabel Droussiotis, Intercollege, Cyprus



The Impact of Salary Differential on Managerial Job Satisfaction: A Study of the Gender Gap and Its Implications for Management Education and Practice in a Developing Economy (pages 65-92)

John O. Okpara, Briarcliffe College


Determinants of Competitiveness of Small-Scale Industries in India (pages 93-142)

M.R. Narayana, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore