Web Project Updates

Web Project Updates


Project Updates

March 6, 2023
To: The John Jay College Community
Re: New Website: Phase 1 Launched & Phase 2 Begins
We’re pleased to share that Phase 1 of the new website launched on March 4, as scheduled. Phase 1 includes the Homepage, About Us, Admissions, Advancementand News & Events.
We’re launching the new site in phases to make the project more manageable [our site has 8,000+ pages]. Phase 2 [Academic & Student Affairs] is scheduled to go live at the end of May and Phase 3 [everything else] at the end of July.
Between now and project completion in a few months, the site may seem disjointed and be frustrating to use. Issues may also arise, which is normal for a project like this. We sincerely appreciate your patience. 
Here are some additional updates from the project team:
1. The project continues to track to goal; all five project indicators [overall status, risk, budget, schedule and scope] are green. [See the dashboard for details.]
2. Phase 2 [Academic & Student Affairs] front end development and content migration begins.
We started migrating Phase 2 content, and we’ll start meeting with Phase 2 content owners and sharing training soon. Once Phase 2 content has been migrated to the new site, we’ll let content owners know it’s ready to review. We’ll also work with project liaisons to establish timelines.  
Work on Phase 3 is scheduled to begin in late May/early June. 
3. To prepare for Phase 2 & 3 content review/creation, content owners can review current content and assess what to update, adapt or delete, and what new content to create. They can also review Phase 1 pages for ideas on how to organize and layout their content. Please contact me if you'd like some help with content review/creation.
Content owners can also watch this introduction to the new site and check out other resources on the project page, including content development guidelines and sample templates. Additional training videos will be added soon and Anh Phan, Mandy Meng and I are always available to assist. 
We’ll continue to share project updates periodically via email and regularly via the project page. Please email me with your questions.

February 28, 2023 
February 8, 2023
December 14, 2022 
November 29, 2022 

Project Dashboard

March 6 -10  Website Updates



Sample Templates
Content Development Guidelines
Content Update/Creation Workflow
Project Timeline
Site Inventory 
Site Analytics
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  • 2021-2022 

Training Videos


Orientation Session

March 29, 2pm
Meeting ID 868 2986 0547
Passcode 619670

March 30. 2pm
Meeting ID 821 2887 9323
Passcode 915327

April 5, 2-2:45p 
Meeting ID 831 1904 0887
Passcode 317765
April 6, 2-2:45p
Meeting ID 896 7154 7362
Passcode 383109
Meeting ID 898 4380 8634
Passcode 516383
April 20, 2-2:45p
Meeting ID 862 0999 3041
Passcode 310446
April 27, 2-2:45p
Meeting ID 810 1356 8211
Passcode 589715

Project Team

LeeEllen Carroll, Content Strategist, Opin
Laura DeVries, Creative Director, John Jay
Bryan Gruneberg, Opin 
Chandeep Khosa, Opin

Alex Lukasevych, Director of Managed Services, Opin 
Gareth McWilliams, Opin
Mandy Meng, Web Developer, John Jay
Hardik Patel, Senior Developer, Opin
Anh Phan, Web Assistant, John Jay
Kathleen Pluzak, Project Lead, Opin
Kira Poplowski, Chief Communications Officer, John Jay
Ashley Rosecrans, Senior Web Developer, Opin 
Adrian Rylski, Senior Product Owner, Opin
Elaine Scovill, Project Manager, Opin 

Project Liaisons

Project liaisons organize reviewing the content on the pages “owned” by each unit/department, finalize what current content should stay the same, be updated or be deleted, capture what new content needs to be created, manage implementation, ensure deadlines are met and serve as a liaison between units/departments and the project team. Liaisons can organize this process in whatever way makes the most sense for their unit/department.

Unit/Department Project Liason Unit/Department Head
Phase I
Admissions Sulema Ebrahim, Daniel Matos Brian Kerr
Advancement Kevin Fish Ketura Parker
About Us Kira Poplowski Kira Poplowski
Events Kira Poplowski Kira Poplowski
Homepage Kira Poplowski Kira Poplowski
News Kira Poplowski Kira Poplowski
Phase II
Academic Affairs Nancy Velasquez-Torres Allison Pease
Student Affairs Sulema Ebrahim Brian Kerr
Phase III
Administrative Alena Ryjov Mark Flower


Contact Info

Please email Kira Poplowski, chief communications officer, with thoughts or questions about the project at kpoplowski@jjay.cuny.edu