Health Services

Health Services


John Jay College Health Services offers students free telehealth appointments with a board certified Nurse Practitioner.


Mission, Vision, & Core Functions

John Jay Health Services offers resources for quality and affordable health care to the student body and educate student patients about preventive and acute medical care. The center and the programs it offers, address the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of students through accessible, high quality, cost effective health services and activities.

Mission: To provide a healthy campus environment that promotes, encourages, and prepares students for satisfying and productive lifestyles.

Vision: To advance student health as a vital part of the academic experience.

Core Functions of Health Services:

  • Policy Management, Implementation & Communicable Disease Prevention
  • Clinical Services
  • Health Education and Promotion


John Jay's Nurse Practitioner on Campus

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse practitioners (or NPs) are registered nurses who have earned a master’s or doctorate degree in Advanced Practice Nursing. The nurse practitioner at John Jay can diagnose, treat, and prescribe, much like a physician in a similar setting.

What illnesses are treated by the Nurse Practitioner at John Jay?

The NP at John Jay College treats a variety of illnesses via telehealth. Common issues include Covid infections, colds and flu, allergies, cough, sore throat, fever, headache, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, injuries, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, bladder infections, sexually transmitted infections, insect bites and stings, burns, pink eye, and others. Prescriptions can be obtained for birth control, antibiotics, Epi-pens, rescue inhalers, and more. Orders for blood work and x-rays can also be provided. However, students are financially responsible for the cost(s) of pharmacy services/medication, specimen processing, and/or diagnostic imaging.

As a student, how can I access the Nurse Practitioner?

To request an appointment, just fill out the form. You can email the nurse practitioner at

Who is the John Jay Nurse Practitioner?

Gail Ingram is a licensed and board certified Primary Care Adult Health and Gerontology Nurse Practitioner in the State of New York. She provides evidence-based, trauma-informed, non-judgmental care and she believes listening, empathy, and respect are as important as the correct diagnosis.

Eligibility & Cost

The Health Services Center is a primary health care facility available to all John Jay students with a valid ID. Most of the services are free of charge.

Medical Release Form

  • Non-CUNY Immunization Request: $7.00. Click here for the Medical Release Form.


Medical Emergencies

In case of a medical emergency, the Office of Campus Security should be notified in person, by phone at 212.237.8888, or by calling on one of the emergency phones located in the hallways throughout the college.

Students should seek medical attention in the event of injury during travel to or from the College; or during an off-campus, activity sponsored and supervised by the College. The incident should be reported to the College Health Services in Room L 68.00NB. Health Services representatives assist students in the completion of appropriate accident insurance claim forms including an explanation of the limitations of the insurance policy.  To set up an appointment, call 212-621-4169.


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