Where to go?

Where to go?

What is Family Palooza?
Family Palooza is formerly known as Family Weekend. Family Palooza will be held October 20, 2018. The focus of the vent is to welcome parents, family members, and family friends of our students to campus so that they can have the opportunity to experience a portion of their student's life at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
How does the schedule work?

The schedule for Family Palooza is created to resemble a "conference" type schedule, meaning what you decide to attend is completely up to you! We strive to host a variety of events that will appeal to a wide array of interests, so there may be some sessions scheduled at the same time.

Do I need to register?

YES. All participants must register to attend. Registration is available here and will be available only via this website. We will not be taking registrations over the phone or in-person. The deadline to register will be announced for Fall 2018 Family Palooza. When you check in on campus, you will receive a Family Palooza wristband in your registration packet.

Are tickets needed for every event?

Admission to all activities requires a Family Palooza wristband. Please wear this wristband throughout the entire weekend, any person without a wristband may be excluded from events. Paid events require an additional ticket for entry, these tickets will be included in your registration packet at check-in.

Does my student automatically get to attend everything during Family Weekend?

We hope your student will attend all Family Palooza events with you. However, please make sure to include them in your Family Palooza registration. They will also be required to wear a Family Palooza bracelet and will need to pre-purchase any tickets for events.

What do we do when we first get to campus and how do we meet up with our student?

Please go to the Lynn & Jules Kroll Atrium to check in and pick up your registration packet. This location would be a good spot to meet up with your student. Make sure you communicate with your student (before you arrive for the weekend) where and when you plan to meet - we won't know how to reach your student.

Can my child pick up my registration packet?

 Ofcourse, your child can pick up your registration information. When they do pick up the information, make sure they bring their JJ student ID.

Are refunds available?

All Family Palooza tickets are non-refundable. 

What if my student does not want to attend any of the activities during Family Palooza? Should I still come?

Yes. Family Palooza is an opportunity for parents to enjoy and learn more about the institution to be better able to support your son or daughter throughout his or her educational career.

What if I need to contact someone during the event?

If you have questions, need assistance, or just want to take a break, please stop by our Family Headquarters located in our 1st Floor of the New Building at 524 West 59th Street. This is the same location where you will pick up your registration packet.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at parentsandfamilies@jjay.cuny.edu or 646.557.4888.

Office Name Phone Number Campus Location
Academic Advisement 646-557-4872     L.73.12 NB 
Accessibility Services 212-237-8031 L.66.00 NB
Athletics 212-237-8371 421T
Center for Career and Professional Development 212-237-8754 L.72.00 NB
Center for English Language Support 646-557-4506 L2.75.00NB
Children’s Center 212-393-6438 L3.61.00NB
Community Outreach and Service Learning 646-557-4820 L.72.14 NB
Counseling Center 212-237-8111 L.68.00 NB
CUNY Alert 212-237-8200 www.cuny.edu/alert
Dean of Students 212-237-8211 L.65.00 NB
Department of Information Technology (DoIT) 212-237-8200 L2.63 NB
Financial Aid 212-237-8151 1280N
Fitness Center 212-237-8633 601T
Foreign Language Lab 212-484-1140 7.64 NB
Health Center 212-237-8052 L. 67.00 NB
Honors Program 212-237-8553 8.64 NB   
International Studies and Programs 212-484-1839 1101N
Jay Express 212-663-7867 L.69 NB
Library 212-237-8250 Haaren Hall
Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC) 646-557-4635 1.94 NB
Pre Law Institute and Fellowship Office 646-557-4804 1100 N
Public Safety 212-237-8524 L2.61.01 NB
Registrar 646-781-5081 1280N
SEEK 212-237-8169 3101N
Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) 212-484-1130 100 W
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL)  212-237-8698 L2.71 NB
Student Relations/Team Civility 212-237-8871 L.65 NB  
Student Transition Programs (STP) 646-557-4888 L2.70.01 NB
Urban Male Initiative (UMI) 646-557-4557 L.73.01 NB
Veteran’s Resources 212-484-1329 3141N
Women’s Center 212-237-8184 L.67.10 NB

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If I am a parent or family member of a John Jay student, who can help me?  

The Office of Student Transition Programs is the best place for you to find help. You can reach the office by calling 646-557-4888 or stop in at L2.70.01NB.

What services are offered through Family Programs?

The Office of Student Transition Programs is in the process of improving John Jay’s Parent and Family initiatives. Starting Fall semester of 2014, the Bloodhound Bulletin, a monthly newsletter for Parents and Families, will keep you updated on all important events, dates, and happenings on campus. We are also in the process of creating a Family Association and planning a Family Brunch for the spring semester.

Who can join and how can I join the Family Association?

Any family member of a current or alumni John Jay student can join the Family Association.

What is the Family Association?

The Family Association provides a community for families to become more involved in their student’s college experience and build relationships with other families. There will be opportunities to volunteer on campus, meet other families, mingle with faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as help implement initiatives on campus.

How does the office communicate with family members?

The Office of Student Transition Programs and John Jay College will communicate via the Bloodhound Bulletin and email. Please take the time to fill out our family contact form so you can begin getting updates.

Is John Jay 100% wireless?

Yes! All of the John Jay buildings have wireless access for all of our students.

Do I need to send in a final secondary transcript for my transfer student?

Yes, a final transcript is required for admission to John Jay College. For all required documentation, please check out the admissions website http://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/academics/2068.php

When does the term bill come out? There are many important dates that you do not want to miss! To find out important dates for payments of tuition and fees visit the Jay Stop here http://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/232.php

How can my student activate their John Jay email account?

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has made activating your John Jay email account very easy. Everything can be done via their website here http://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/1363.php!

Where can I get a replacement health and/or insurance forms?

The Student Health Center located in room L.67.00NB provides a list of all required forms as as well as copies of the forms on their website and can be found here http://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/319.php.

If my student gets sick, where can they go?

The Student Health Center located in room L.67.00NB. You can learn more about services herehttp://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/2003.php

Where can my student work out?

The Department of Athletics provides five different areas and opportunities for students to work out and exercise. There is a Cardiovascular Fitness Center, a Pool, open recreational gymnasium hours, tennis courts, and racquetball courts. For hours, schedules, and contact information, you can find out more herehttp://www.johnjayathletics.com/sports/2009/9/1/Facility%20Schedule.aspx?id=49.  

Our family has experienced a recent loss or tragedy. What can I do to help my student cope? 

Students can experience difficulty socially and academically after experiencing impactful family changes. The Counseling Service Center can help you with coping techniques and ways in which you can support your student in this difficult time. For more information, please visit the Counseling Service Center Parent and Family web.http://johnjay.jjay.cuny.edu/files/2249.php.

212-237-8569 1.68 NB