How to Resolve Your Grade of INC

How to Resolve Your Grade of INC

If  you received at least one grade of INC (incomplete) in spring or summer 2021, the deadline to resolve it is September 24, 2021.

How did I earn a grade of INC?
A professor assigns a grade of INC when there is a reasonable expectation that a student can successfully complete course requirements by the extended deadline.

Why is it important to resolve my INC?
An unresolved grade of INC turns into an F grade (FIN). This may impact your GPA, ability to graduate on time, financial aid award package, and/or your graduate school or law school admission.

How do I resolve my INC?
  Reach out – Speak with your professor via email or in-person to understand the requirements for resolving your INC.
  Make a plan – Adhere to a timeline to complete and submit the work.
•  Act fast – It may take longer than you expect to make contact with a professor or complete the additional assignments, so get started right away.

If you're unable to reach the professor, try contacting the academic department's administrative coordinator or email us at for support.

Wishing you the best of luck in resolving the INC and in this upcoming semester!

All the best,
Student Academic Success Programs (SASP) Team