JJC-UPF Semester Program in Barcelona, Spain

JJC-UPF Semester Program in Barcelona, Spain

John Jay College / Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Semester Program in Barcelona, Spain

Hispanic & European Studies Track / Legal Studies Track

Spring 2022: TBD
Fall 2022: TBD


Hispanic and European Studies Program

The Hispanic and European Studies Program (HESP) is the core of the UPF Education Abroad Program. Created in 2002, it was designed to be one of Europe's top programs for international students interested in a variety of topics and perspectives in the disciplines of communication, humanities, and the social sciences. The program aims to provide students with greater insight into the European, Spanish and Catalan realities, while at the same time encouraging critical thinking. Recently redesigned, the program now also includes a global studies track to encourage reflection on a variety of topics, while continuing to promote intercultural awareness and understanding in our increasingly globalized world.

In addition to content-based courses, the Hispanic and European Studies Program includes the option to take language courses at all levels. Five different levels of Spanish classes are offered, from beginner to proficiency and even Spanish for native speakers. The proficiency level prepares students for the Instituto Cervantes DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) exam, which they can take while they are in Barcelona.

Archaeology / Art History / Communication / Catalan Culture, Society and Identity / Cinema and Video Art / European Union Studies / Economic History / Global Studies / Globalization / Hispanic Studies / Humanities / Journalism / Law Political Science / Sociology
Special Track: Legal Studies Abroad Program
The Legal Studies Abroad Program is a pre-law program for undergraduate students offered jointly by the UPF Education Abroad Program and UPF Law School.
The program is an honors program intended to provide eligible outstanding students with introductory education and training in the field of law. It focuses on international and European law, comparative private law, and certain specific internationally important areas of law, while also giving students the chance to earn credits for studying abroad.
Unlike North American pre-law programs, which are chiefly instrumental, the Legal Studies Abroad Program offers an introductory view of substantive topics from a markedly international perspective. Students are also given the chance to enroll in optional courses and regular undergraduate law courses, under academic supervision.The program is moreover designed to expose participants to the international context of a European university and the quality and academic rigor of a top-tier law school in Spain.
This semester-long program may be of interest to any student planning to attend law school in the U.S. or Canada and seeking introductory training on the international legal order, the relevant features of major Western legal cultures and their institutions, and basic legal skills and methods of reasoning. The program may also be of interest to students seeking to pursue careers in international relations or similar fields.
The Legal Studies Abroad Program is not a preparatory course for the LSAT. Rather, it provides the basis for a comparative study of European and North American legal systems.
A minor or concentration in legal studies, international relations, or political science would be helpful for students interested in enrolling in UPF law degree courses.

Business Organizations / Comparative Law / Criminal Justice Systems / 20th-Century European History / European Union Law / Human Rights / Private Law: Basic Institutions / Public International Law / Terrorism


Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.


Information sessions will be held from 1:40-2:55 (community hour), in the New Building in room 1.99

  • Tuesday, February 18
  • Thursday, March 19


All info sessions have concluded for this spring, for more information please email us at kyanes@jjay.cuny.edu or dbraslavsky@jjay.cuny.edu


Hispanic and European Studies Program

  1. Applicants should have a 3.0 GPA minimum
  2. The program is suitable for both students with a strong command of Spanish and for those wishing to take courses only in English, as it includes courses taught in both English and Spanish.
  3. Please, note that to take courses taught in Spanish, students are strongly advised to have completed at least four semesters of college-level Spanish.


Special Track: Legal Studies Abroad Program
  1. This is a competitive program; applicants should have a minimum GPA of 3.3
  2. The program is suitable for students with a strong command of Spanish and for those wishing to take courses only in English, as courses are offered in both English and Spanish.
  3. Please, note that to take courses taught in Spanish, students are strongly advised to have completed at least four semesters of college-level Spanish.


  • Housing: Students will be housed in double-occupancy, student, accomodations. 
  • Refund Policy:  Payment of the program deposit indicates the student understands and agrees to the Office of International Studies & Program’s payment and refund policies.  Students who withdraw from a John Jay College program after confirming participation, but before the program begins, will lose the non-refundable deposit and any unrecoverable costs. Refunds for the JJC-UPF program fees, follow the UPF schedule and policies. UPF tuition and housing cancellation refunds must be requested in writing. If requests are not in writing, they will not be processed
  • The Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP) has the right to modify or cancel the program, including  changes to the program dates, costs, scheduled visits, program itinerary, etc., as dictated by economic and/or political situations, etc. 
  • Fluctuating exchange rates and other fees may lead to program cost changes.
  • Program cost is based on a minimum number of participants for the program.
  • Students who wish to arrive earlier or depart later than the program dates are responsible for any, and all, additional costs including, but not limited to, accommodations, meals, etc. until the program start date and after the end date.
  • Since the course(s) will be taught by foreign, non-CUNY , faculty member(s), the credits earned will be posted as transfer credit on the student’s transcript.
  • Students are responsible for the purchase of their airfare, and for their itinerary. Due to possible changes in program dates/itinerary information, students are not to purchase airfare until prompted by OISP.                                                     
  • Students are encouraged to apply early, due to limited space.
  • Attendance at on-site orientation is mandatory.
  • Exam dates can NOT be changed for any reason. Personal schedules must be organized accordingly.
  • Information is tentative and subject to change, including **program cost(s), itinerary, etc.



Applications are available from the Office of International Studies & Programs (Haaren Hall, Suite 530). Applications can also be found here.

Application Deadline: Monday, October 28 (Spring) or Monday, March 30 (Fall) However, qualified applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis until places are filled. Thus, due to limited places, students are encouraged to apply early.

Please note: An application fee of $50.00 is due at the time of application. Money orders, personal checks and cash are accepted. Applications will not be accepted if incomplete. More information can be found here.

All non-CUNY students will need to pay an additional $65.00 at time of application due to a non-degree application fee. 



Program fee includes Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) instruction and services, RESA individual studio accommodation, and CISI international health insurance. In addition to the program fee, you will be required to pay for CUNY tuition, airfare, meals, personal expenses, textbooks, etc. Tuition is to be paid to CUNYfirst/Bursar, while the remaining program fee is to be paid directly to the JJC Office of International Studies & Programs.

John Jay College Tuition and Fees
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees


Students should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to discuss the applicability of their financial aid to this program. 


Inquire at the Office of International Studies & Programs for information. If you are a John Jay student, you can apply for the JJC Study-Abroad ScholarshipJJC Student Travel Fund, and the CUNY Chancellor’s Global Scholarship. For more on scholarship opportunities click here. U.S.-wide scholarship opportunities can be found here.

Contact Mr. Michael Scaduto, Associate Director of Financial Aid, for more information in regards to the JJC Study-Abroad Scholarship and general scholarship opportunities for John Jay students at 212-237-8872 or email at mscaduto@jjay.cuny.edu


Kenneth Yanes, Dep. Director
212-484-1339, kyanes@jjay.cuny.edu 

Daniel Braslavsky, Program Coordinator
212-887-6015, dbraslavsky@jjay.cuny.edu


Office Location:
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
Haaren Hall, Suite 530

Mailing Address:
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
Haaren Hall, Suite 530